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Last updated: March 24th 2017

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Everett's Strategies


Luigi Raceway

The focus of this course is staying close on the curves while driving with long glides. SSMTs on the long straightaway must be done as fast as possible, even if you have to stay in the middle or toward the right (although staying on the left is a little better). SSMTs on the short straights before and after the tunnel are fastest driving diagonally across the road before the SSMT but easier if you stay on the outside edge and then SSMT across instead. At a lower skill level, this can be done 0-3-0 or 0-0-3 for a dual 3lap/1lap attempt, but beyond low 1:39 range, strats with 1 shroom and 2 shroom laps are much faster.

1. Start off with a shroomslide-SSMT. Hold the slide as long as you can, and get your kart as far right as you can so you're almost sliding along the grass on the right side.

2. Do two fast left-facing SSMTs, each a little closer to the left side than the last.

3. Do 4 MTs around the curve. Keep the slide close to the edge, but get a long glide along the curve. The last MT should pop out from the curve a little bit on the slide, and the glide should aim for the right side of the tunnel. This is because the edge of the road will poke out right when the curve ends.

4. Do a right-facing SSMT on the little stretch. The easier way is to stay on the left, but it's better to snake from left to right.

5. MT at the start of the tunnel, then release the MT early, which requires you to bump the tunnel a little bit.

6. MT at the end of the tunnel, keeping the slide as short as possible. Aim leftward for the edge of the turn. (An alternate but possibly faster strategy is to do a right-facing SSMT inside the tunnel right before the MT out of the tunnel.)

7. Do a left-facing SSMT on the stretch. Like with #4, it's faster but harder to be driving right to left. (if shrooming, see shroom lap strats below)

8. Do 3 MTs around the curve. Hug the curve (more slide) tighter than the other turn.

9. Do 1 SSMT after coming off the curve. Stay toward the left. 2nd and 3rd laps: do 3 normal SSMTs after the line, staying to the left if you can do it without losing SSMT speed. After a 0-shroomer, do 1 SSMT through the line after the other SSMT, then do 3 SSMTs after the line. 1lap strategy: (see 3-shroom lap strategy)

Using 2 shrooms on one lap, 1 shroom on another, and 0 on the last is the fastest strategy. 3 shrooms on one lap and none on the other two is slower but works better at lower skill levels. With 3 shrooms on one lap, it can be done 3-0-0, 0-3-0, or 0-0-3. 3-0-0 is worthless, but 0-3-0 and 0-0-3 allow you to take your shot at a 1lap PR. 0-0-3 is fastest because you can ride the glide off the last shroom until the finish line with no SSMT, but a wall hit makes the whole attempt worthless. 2 shroom/1 shroom has more combos. The 1 and 2-shroomers are best on the first two laps because you can play riskier with the shrooms and restart if you fail rather than waste time driving 0-shroomers which are straightforward. Thus, 1- 2-0 or 2-1-0 lets you get a quality run. However, if those are consistent, then the fastest strat is actually 1-0-2. That's because you can ride the glide from the last MT coming off the 2nd shroom without wasting distance doing an extra SSMT.

1-shroom lap strategy:
After the tunnel, enter the grass with an MT about one second before the curve starts, and aim for the edge of the wall. When you're getting close, jump into a shroomslide and charge it to orange. Right when the shroom is running out, bump into the wall while holding the slide. You'll bounce off and get about 0.10 faster than not hitting the wall. Head straight for the road, starting an MT at the last instant so it releases when you reach the road. Finish the lap with another SSMT.

2-shroom lap strategy:
After the tunnel, aim to hit the grass about 2 seconds before the curve starts- a lot earlier than the 1-shroom, and almost the same spot as the 3-shroom. MT into the grass and head for the wall. When close, jump into a shroomslide, then hit the second shroom as late as you can. Shrooms lose speed on grass as they burn out, so you have to hold the curve tight at first then start to relax it as the first shroom wears off, then when hitting the second shroom, you have to hold the curve tighter again, otherwise you'll fly outward. Try to get to the road exactly when the shroom finishes, and release the MT. On lap 1 or 2, do another SSMT before the line, but on lap 3, just drive through the line.

3-shroom lap strategy:
Aim for the same location as the 2-shroom lap, but jump into a shroomslide immediately at the border of the grass, and get close to the wall. You have to turn a little left (not a straight line from the tunnel) when shrooming. Like with the 2-shroomer, shrooms lose a little speed as they wear off, so you have to turn hard then relax it. Head for the road on the 3rd shroom, but if you get there early, hold the shroomslide instead of releasing the MT. Do an SSMT before the line on lap 1 or 2, but don't do it if on lap 3. 1lap strategy: Stay on the right side of the road on the first lap. A couple seconds out, turn left so you're driving diagonally left across the road, then do a right-facing SSMT to straighten out right before the finish line and pass the line with MT power. After the MT coming off 3 shrooms at the end, don't do any SSMTs.