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Last updated: April 24th 2017

The people who make this site possible

William Lacey - Website design and functionality. Times Updater. Bug fixer. Bug creator. Day to day running of the site.

William spends most of his days creating new bugs to fix on the site. He's also currently the only person updating everyone's times. If you send him a PM, he will likely ignore it unless it's urgent. If it's urgent, he'll likely ignore it, and just fix whatever it is you wanted. Prepare to be ignored.

Christian Wild - News writer.

Christian does one of the more time-consuming jobs on our site. He updates everyone on what's been happening in the world of kart, through his regular news updates.

Kyle Begley - Awards. World Record Comments. Backup News.

Kyle did such a good job with filling in for everyone else that he's now chief awards decider and world records commenter. He'll even write news when Chris is away. Robots of the future will have to worry about Kyle taking their jobs away.

Zoran Tintor - Awards. World Records. Proof. (Semi-Retired)

Zoran spends most of his time at the beach sipping cocktails.

Robin Usher - Vice Guy. Bug finder. Advisor. Rivalry master.

Nobody is quite sure what it is Robin exactly does, but he's got a key to the staff room, so it must be important. If you're wondering why you're not in a really cool rivalry, then Robin is the person to pester. Sometimes, he even runs the karter contest.

Michael Liem - Honourary Staff Member.

For many years, Michael was the only reason the mariokart site remained running. For that reason he will always be considered a part of the staff. His contributions in the past, and experience dealing with different karting and site issues, make him an invaluable asset

Kevin Booth - Founder of the player's page. Honourary Staff Member. Historian.

Kevin is the only reason any of this even exists in the first place. He brought the community together in the beginning, and continues to play an important role to this day. The other sites were built off the back of his original vision. We all owe him a debt of gratitude.

Mark Jones - Site admin.

Mark admins the forums and keeps the domain up on the interwebs. Otherwise, he mostly doesn't do any work.