Mario Kart 64 Time trial sites:

Very few other MK64 time trial pages still exist. is really the place to be when it comes to MK64 time trialing. But here's a list with the few remaining other pages:

Portail francophone des joueurs de Mario Kart 64 - Nice site by frenchspeaking members of our site

Not updated anymore:
Japanese Mario Raceway records (Copy of the official page) - Old but very interesting stuff
Mario Kart 64 Gonzaga Records - Top 5 tables by Ryan Hutcherson
GMO Mario Kart 64 records - Records section of some italian gaming magazine
Nintendo64 Zone Records section - Records section of another Italian gaming website
Mario Kart 64 Station - Some Top 5 tables

Other links:

Super Mario Kart Players Page - The best SMK Time Trial page, maintained by Sami Cetin
Mario Kart Super Circuit Records - The best MKSC Time Trial page

Twin Galaxies: The Official Electronic Games Scoreboard Perfect Dark & Goldeneye World Rankings
F-Zero Central: Highscore Competitions for all F-Zero Games
REX's Nintendo High Scores - Links to all nintendo highscore websites - General information about all Mario Kart games

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