The Top 10 Most Interesting Times

These times are much different than the best times ever. These are more like the times that cause controversy among karters (you'll see what I mean in the list). You're definitely not gonna get in this list with a plain 'ol time. =)

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Royal SC

lap of 00'00"00

Greg Ihnatenko

This time is impressive for many reasons. One being that it's nothing. This huge glitch turned a normal lap into a zero second time. Another thing that's impressive is that it hasn't been recreated by Greg or anyone else. Finally, it's impressive because no one tried claiming it before this time came out. It probably would've been regarded as a lie if Ihnatenko wasn't pretty well known in the kart world.

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Frappe SC

lap of 5"47

Anyone not have this?

This time is impressive simply because it was such a barrier and yet it is so easily broken now. Everybody and their brother tied in for this WR, and it stood that way for a long time. Many thought that it was the fastest that we could go. =)

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Rainbow Road SC

lap of 1'07"02

Myles Bukrim

Simply put, Myles did the impossible here. Since early in kart's life, people have debated whether or not landing directly on Rainbow Road's loop was possible from near the start. Well, many of kart's best excused it as impossible until Myles fluke landed it.

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Yoshi Valley SC

lap of 7"84

Mike Simmons

This SC method, first done by Wonn in GP, was recreated ages later by Mike. This, of course, was big news, and as Mike shared the strategy, a few others hit it too. Whalls later put an avi of it up to show the method, resulting in many more hitting it, including Wonn. Still, Simmons got the fire started with this time trial hit.

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Jason Whalls

At one point in time, on KD, BB and RRa SC 3laps, Jason Whalls had exactly 1'47"56. These times are all reasonably good for the time period, with the possible exception of RRa SC. This still stands as the only time 3 exact 3laps from different courses have been on someone's cart at the same time.

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Royal Raceway


David Burnham

Sure, this may seem like an incredibly ordinary time, but this was something of an out of the blue WR. This guy burst into the kart scene and stole a few WRs. The fact that he flat out kicked our ass in a few courses while the feared 4 dominated and held nearly every record is big enough, but then consider that on this one time, he did something no one else had done before...a WR with all the laps being the same! That's right, 49"22, 49"22, 49"22! That's what makes this time so special.

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lap of 26"27

5 People

An excellent lap for the time, this time is so impressive because it was a NonSC time that found 5 people tying for a WR. Never had it been done before (ties like this were only expected to be seen on FS SC lap), and it is highly unlikely that any NonSC time ever gets a 5-way tie again.

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Choco Mountain SC


David Wonn

Wonn demonstrated a new SC here, and did what most believed couldn't be done. That being said, he smashed 2nd place by over 10 seconds, and kept a solid lead in the course for a long time afterward. The WR before this time was in the 1'28 range.

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Royal Raceway SC


Jason Whalls

This was the first 3lap race of the SC to ever have the transport glitch happen on the last lap. The result was an incredibly fast time that many didn't believe was possible.

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Luigi Raceway SC

lap of 23"99

Myles Bukrim

Much the same as Myles hitting Rainbow's loop. He fluked once again on LR, and jumped the wall from the sand opposite the wall and the finish line's left side. This one wasn't as heavily debated as Rainbow loop fact, no one even expect this one to be possible, and currently, it still stands as a massive fluke.

Honorable Mentions

1) KD SC lap of 32"16 by Brian Gallo - Showed that there was a SC strategy in this course that no one thought of before. A bit small to make the top 10.


2) LR SC 3lap of 1'18"74 by Louis-Philippe Sabbagh - Well, Louis was the first and ONLY guy up to this point (11/02) to do the Mylestyle shortcut in combination with 2 of the Jeos method in the same race. What makes this even more interesting, is that he accomplished this, after Whalls told him is chances of doing such a thing, just to mess with him. He beat the odds, dispite what Whalls said, but funny enough, he didn't beat Penevs converted world record :(

3) CM SC lap by Alex Penev in the 19s - Well, I have a feeling this is a start of some more serious weirdness. If you thought Kart was out of tricks, you are so mistaken. To this day, the top shortcut players are still trying to find more, and I am very sure this isn't the last shortcut that will be used to lower a time. I will bet the farm on it.