The Top 10 Best Times

Booth and I have spent a number of hours compiling lists of the best times in history, and then lowering it down to just 10. These are what we believe to be the best times ever hit by any karter in the history of Mario Kart 64. To qualify for this, the time basically needed to be WAY ahead of it's time, and extremely impressive. Breaking of a barrier is often important too, because it signals a change in outlook on a course. Also factoring in is consistency over lengthy periods of time, and to a lesser extent, but still important, what the person who achieved the time did following it. Proof, strategy sharing, and the like fit into this. These increase the competition, and help determine if the time was really that good, or if it was just a new strategy. Anyway, if any of your times made the cut, you should definitely be extremely proud. It is a great achievement. However, it is worth checking out the Honorable Mentions at the end as well, though, because many more of history's great times were left there. Enjoy!

1st Place

Course Time Player

Koopa Troopa Beach


Matt Batastini

First and foremost, let it be said that we give our biggest congratulations to Matt Batastini. He truly showed what we are all about with this time, and we thank him for the way in which he dealt with it all.

Now, why Matt Bat for 1st place EVER?! Let's run through it, shall we? First, the time itself. Golden. Breaker of the 1'20 barrier that is definitely one of the biggest barriers in history. This was something of a shock to all people, and rightfully so. We all thought probably some time in the future, but Matt obviously didn't want to wait. Second, consistency. These laps didn't get that far from each other, and stayed high quality the whole time. Also, one thing that I personally find impressive, each lap is successively better than the previous. It is hard to throw all caution to the wind and just fire off a last lap that tops the other two, especially when you're going WR pace. Finally, Matt did the ultimate good in letting everyone in on the time through any strategy help, and best of all, Dex ghosts of great 1'20s. This helped me improve, I know, and I'm sure it helped others as well. Takes some iron balls to risk stuff like that. Most people, when they get a nice WR would want to let as little info out as possible so that they can stay there. He, instead, helped everyone, and for that he ranks high in our minds.

Anyway, this time basically makes it so that every time someone needs a name to associate with KTB, they sure have one. This, even after the long history of some good karters here. Also, I would just like to say that I take partial credit for this time, as I was the first in the community to go left around Koopa Rock. Hehe. Seriously, though, I don't think that much can take away from this achievement. It summarized exactly what we wanted in our #1 time - What Kart 64 Players is about. Spectacular time, great consistency, and a good karter who makes good moves to support the learning and progress of the community. And so, Matt Batastini is our winner here, though many were affected positively by this. Congratulations again, Matt, if you're reading this... you've definitely earned it.

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Royal Raceway


Steven Zwartjes

This time was set back when Brian Gallo was the man on Royal Raceway. Not only did Zwartjes beat Gallo's time and other competitors, but he shattered 2nd place by nearly a second with the old 1.2 conversion at the time, and everyone else by way more than a second! His laps were also pretty nice for the most part, but the only reasons that this is not good enough for the first place are that the laps are a bit less consistent, and with Batastini, were talking about beating 1'20! Anyhow, still one of the greatest times ever to be set.

  As far as what was released to the others. He did tell several people the good parts of his strats, and I do believe he had a tape floating around the other half of the world which showed how he did Royal, so it was pretty available for most. No Dex ghosts to race, but of course, were talking a different era where that wasn't very possible, so can't really hold that against him. Anyhow, if it wasn't for Matt's great KTB time, Zwartjes would have had Kart's best time ever!


Even with the new conversion rate in place, We still agree that Matt Batastini's time was a time for the ages. I must say, with the new splits, Steven's amazing Royal run looks like a strong vote for the first spot, but Matt put 3 laps together that were at the top of his ability, so the honors go to him.

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Rainbow Road


Sami Cetin

This Rainbow time was a very exciting hit for the SMK great Sami Çetin. Using the newly discovered Tran-Style method, he took full advantage the knowledge and shattering Gallo's dominant time by tons. With the new conversion rate in place, this time turns into even more of an amazing thing by going sub 4'57!  However, sticking to the basics...  This time is not quite as consistent as the 2 above, but is a VERY close competitior, because this is the longest course in the game, the MTs used, and the new method used are very hard things to land on a consistent basis. It takes a small miracle to race something like this.

  Since this time was set with a new strat, which was still in its infancy, and really still is to this day, this time was placed behind the other 2 times.  There are ghosts to race of this method though and Çetin did tell everyone that was willing to listen how he did so too, so can't take anything away from him either.  Still, how do you compete against Zwartjes and Batastini's amazing stuff? You really can't, but for this long race, Çetin definitely deserves his piece, and the rank that comes with it!


As with Steven's time with the 1.2024 conversion factored in, This time breaks another time zone as well. The same argument holds up, cause the time did have laps that could have been better, but it's still an amazing race, cause he did need to land the new "transtyle" method, to get that fast of a time.

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Wario Stadium


Sami Cetin


You know what this means. This means there is a time that is new to the top 10 list entirely. The moment this was set, I knew this was a worthy time to consider against the rest in history. I think it's slightly worse than the Rainbow hit, but not by much, since it did land at 3'39"99 exactly, and it pretty much cleans the rest of the field, besides Gallo and Zwartjes that are nearly a second down to him.

Rank Course TimePlayer

Yoshi Valley


Mike Simmons

This run by Mike Simmons on a course that is pure hell for most to even complete just shows how persistent of a Karter he can be. With competition barely into the 1'27s, you can see why breaking 1'27 is really a big deal. The difficulty of a course for being such a short track is also a big determiner.  He also released full videos and even dex ghosts of this race, for those that even think they have a chance at this one! 

  As far as points against it, alot of those ideas go out the door with the difficulty of the course. Lap consistency could be argued, yes, but because each lap is very different with the porky alignments, that gets you nowhere. Çetin's and Zwartjes' longer races contributed to his defeat, and Batastini's barrier power came into play. However, he still managed a great position with all things considered.

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Toad's Turnpike


Kevin Booth

2/2/00, 1:49am pacific time, Kevin Booth set what is definitely the best time in his career, and his only time mentioned in the top 10. Sub 2'30 on Turnpike was a huge deal, and had been a goal of his since 1997. He basically guaranteed he'd be the first with this, and with so many times holding this record, it seemed he had a good argument. The short time he held the record here proved to be the most important. He edged out Zwartjes, and claimed the title of the breaker of one of the biggest barriers ever.

  However, he only edged them out. This time has now been figured out by multiple karters. The 2-shroom last lap of 49"90 is not the "Best Ever" material as far as Batastini's time goes, not nearly as long or rare as a Çetin effort, and difficulty, of course, is not quite at the Simmons level. While about the time time frame as him, Zwartjes was more consistent. To his favor though, Booth does have the race on a mov file for all to see, and Dex ghosts for all to race. No mystery behind this time, only sheer determination.  

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Banshee Boardwalk


Jason Whalls

Just like KTB with Batastini, Turnpike with Booth, and later in the list, LR with Andy, Banshee has been the course that is basically synonymous with Whalls. Back in 1997 where battles with Andy took place in the 1'53 range, and years later with the 1'45"39, Whalls has held this WR well over 5 separate times. This time came after something of a personal slump, and managed to smash the WR and break into the God time barrier as well, as well as putting Whalls back on the Banshee map.

This time ranks where it does partially because of the history behind it, and the importance it had when set. However, it was also an extremely solid time as well. Laps of 35"16, 13, 10 show great consistency on what many consider a hard course. Also, something we like to see are the faster 2nd and 3rds that show that nothing was held back. Doesn't rank higher because...well, have you seen the top 5?! =)

Rank Course TimePlayer

Luigi Raceway


Andy Launspach

Now we know all the bad feelings going around about Andy, but this time was from the era where he was looked on as valid all the time. It was his retiring statement to kart, and it solidified his place as the name to be associated with LR, just as most of the above courses did for the respective players. It makes the ranking because it broke one of the hardest barriers in history, and did so in a manner that was both impressive and meaningful to kart. Not mentioned, was his lap for this course, 31"85, which was also a strong WR at the time. This lap, amazingly enough, capped off his 3lap, so this time was a double WR. Bonus points there for Mr. Launspach. Overall, definitely the time we will remember Andy by ("we" being the people who competed against him in the olden days).

This time was kept out of higher position because Andy was sandbagging strats, and not sharing videos. He didn't tell the main competitors on this course that SSMTs were key, so he basically stopped others from realizing how to do the course correctly. Of course, this was Andy's way. He was like watching a Survivor show (I can't stand that show, but there's a reason I say that). He definitely tried to make alliences and such to secure his positions. First with Engel, as is to be expected, but then attempted ones with Booth to "get all the WRs between them." This wins no points with me...I wonder why. Anyway, Andy did nothing here to give the playing field a chance, so we didn't get him the chance at higher ranking.

Rank Course TimePlayer

DK's Jungle Parkway


Jason Whalls

One of the first truly memorable DKJP times, this time was a shocker. Originally, Whalls took what he thought to be the WR by using the bridge fence jump (see, this is way old, people =), hitting a time of right around 2'00. Launspach was quick to stop this one, as he pointed out that Engel had 1'57s with this strategy, and it wasn't accepted because it jumped a fence. Back to 2'03s with ol' Whalls. He would have revenge though. Serious practice was put in here, as the race for the WR (which was Launspach's in the mid 2'01s) was on.

Practice went in, and Whalls got a few cuts to bring him closer and closer to the WR, with potential taking him much lower. Eventually, it came together, with 2/3 laps in the sub 40 range, Whalls shattered the WR, and the 2'00"00 barrier with a 1'59"59. This record stood for quite a while as the others tried to manage a sub 2 of their own. Eventually, Iacopo was able to improve a lot on it, and the torch was passed to others, leaving us where we are now with Gallo blowing away everyone, and people sitting there and wondering how to do that. History repeats itself. Overall, the huge barrier broken, and the 2 second range WR lead put this one into the top 10.


As you can see, I stuck out the above lines, due to the ruling we did on Brian Gallo, Matt Horwitz, and one other person in the adjustment ruling.

Rank Course TimePlayer

Royal Raceway


David Burnham


With the disqualification of 2 of Gallo's Times, with the addition of another Cetin Time, this made the way for Burnham, which originally finished 11th in our poll, the 10th best spot. Nothing like a strong WR with 49"22,22,22!!! You will also see this time in the Most Interesting Section as well, cause of this occurrance.

Honorable Mentions

Due to the great amount of H.M.s, a separate page has been made for them. Click Here


But first, you know the drill. Since Brian Gallo got adjusted due to lack of vaildation, his times are no longer eligible for the top 10 in the world. However, before you see the HMs, I'll mention that they were 1'51"63 and the CM lap of 31"69. Lastly, I'm really not up to editing the honorable mention page for 1.2024, so you can enjoy that page as is.