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Last Updated 4/10/02

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An Introduction

Welcome to our Players Lists! These lists are truly the heart of this site. As you can see, the list is divided into a
Non Shortcut list and a Shortcut list. Also, we have this description page as a separate page. We call this An Introduction

How are the Players List rankings calculated?

Non Shortcut:

To get into the non-shortcut list you need to have a complete set of times for ALL 32 TRACKS (16 course times and 16 fastlap times). If you don't have all 32 times, we will still list your profile at the bottom of the list, but you won't get a worldrank. So, make sure to send in all your 32 times!

Your worldranking is estimated by these stats:
- Total 3lap times
- Total fastlap times
- Average Finish non-SC
- number of WRs

The total times statistics (3lap and fastlap together) have a 50% weight on your worldrankings. The Average Finish count as the other 50%. The number of WRs count as a bonus to your Average Finish score. So, if you want to beat a player, beat him in total times and Avg Finish, and it's guaranteed that you have passed him.
After your worldrankings have been estimated, you'll also get a letter rank. Those ranks are assigned by the ARR system. Here's an explanation how it works.


Here, your worldranking is estimated by the Shortcut AvgFinish rankings, but it also includes the extra Kalimari Desert SC, and by the number of WRs. Your letter rank is assigned by a Shortcut ARR system.

More explanation about the Lists

For the rest, everything is pretty self-explanatory I believe, but just in case, might as well give you the rundown on it all, and such.

The numbers in GOLD are what represent your world ranking estimated by the system described above. Obviously, the next spot is reserved for the players name, and that is in BLUE. Next is your kart rank, assigned by the ARR system

Depending on if you are active, this could be in SILVER, ORANGE, or even RED! Basically inactive or retired players are in SILVER, and active players are in ORANGE. If there is a player that is really making some moves in the ladder, or is setting some amazing times, then it will be in RED!

The next section is commonly confused by our new members. What is going on here, is that if you click the BLUE Link, there is a players email address, if you wish to say hi to them, and/or harrass them for strategies =). Now, as far as the text that you do see, this is the players AIM Screen Name. This means they have AOL Instant Messenger installed, and that is what their handle is. You can get your copy of this software at

Also, we have the location of the karter. I try to get both city and state, and/or city and country, depending, however, sometimes I have failed to get these RED locations.

Now, go back to the top of this page, and click on the non-shortcut and shortcut links to view the lists!

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