How To Join

Basically, joining Kart 64 Players is very simple. All you have to do is email with the following information.

First and Last Name
All Your Times In This format: (Track /3lap time/fastlap time/driver/SC 3lap time/SC lap time/driver used)

Once you do this, we enter you into our databases, and from there, you will show up on various pages. William Lacey runs profiles, so if you plan on maintaining your own, please let the group know, and I will link you instead of having him make a profile. You will also show up at Michael Liems top 100 and related pages, and will be ranked on the players list at kart 64 players.

I'll give you a quick example of what your submission should look like. (Note: these are very old times of mine)

Subject: Time Submissions from Kevin Booth

Hello all, you may not know me, but my name is Kevin Booth, and I am from Springfield, Oregon! I was born on 9/15/77. I have played Kart 64 For Time Trials since 2/19/97, and during this time accumulated several great times I wish to share with you today. I shall return with A Video Game History and other interesting things on a later email, but for now, here are my times:

Track/3lap Non-SC/Fastlap/driver/3 lap SC/Fastlap SC/Driver
* Denotes any times that I believe are the best around (** For Ties)
Y= Yoshi, P= Peach, T= Toad

LR 1'39"37 31"65* Y 1'21"63 25"54* Y/P
MF 1'15"02 24"06** P
KB 1'21"52 26"31* Y
KD 1'45"86 33"29 Y
TT 2'31"05 49"77 T 1'33"78 29"47 T
FS 1'43"06 33"11 P 22"47 5"42 P
CM 1'39"38 32"43 Y 1'18"40 22"19 Y
MR 1'14"91 23"55 P 53"44 16"10 P
WS 3'43"97 1'13"79 Y 18"78 4"36 Y
SL 1'39"54 32"45 P
RRa 2'26"72 48"09 P 1'46"17 32"81 P
BC 1'53"35 36"91 P
DK 1'57"40 36"90 P 22"77 3"89* P
YV 1'29"95 27"19 Y 29"53 8"80 Y
BB 1'46"70 34"92 Y
RRo 5'02"67 1'39"76 Y 3'50"13 1'15"60 Y

That is basically all there is to joining the site. Remember, this site is for players of all levels, not just the worlds best. Anyone that has a full set of times is welcome here. We mostly go by the trust system, but we still reserve the right to ask for proof via video tape or dex ghost. This is everyone's community, and soon, you shall be a part of the best console gaming community on the internet. If you wish to learn more about how this site works, there will be links below that you can check out.

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