Players List (The Ladder Of Time Trialers)
Player's List

Kevin's Update 2/28/99 350am Pacific Time


# Name & Link Rank Latest News Homepage or Link
#1 Brian Gallo Legend D 16-15-1 Vs Peter Brian Gallo's Page
#2 Peter Elsaesser Legend D Playing Other Games Peter's Time Trial Proof
#3 Kevin Booth Legend F WS SC Lap Several Pages
#4 Jason Whalls Legend F VK-in' Diddy Kong Time Trial World Records


# Name & Link Rank Latest News Homepage or Link
#5 Myles Bukrim King A HUNT FOR WHALLS+LEGEND Shadow 25
#6 Jonathan Bernier King A Nothing since 12/24/98 Unavailable
#7 Mike Simmons King A 23-28-1 VS Bernier Foo Daddy's Kart 64 Page
#8Iacopo Sorce King B 4 PRS Nintendo 64 High Scores
#9 Dave Hines King B 15-16-1 VS Sorce F-ZERO X TIME TRIALS
#10 Louis-Philipe Sabbagh King D Nothing Since Jan Unavailable
#11 Greg Ihnatenko King D Beat Booth in FS Unavailable
#12 David Wonn King F Retired October Wonn's Unique Video Game Glitches
#13 Neil Marsden King F Tons Of PRS! Unavailable
#14 Matt Horwitz King F No News Command & Conquer 2 Homepage

# Name & Link Rank Latest News Homepage or Link
#15 Andy Launspach Elite A No Playing Til Spring Launspach & Engel's Kart 64 Page
#16 Kevin Towles Elite B Nothing since 11/12 Unavailable
#17 David Burnham Elite B Contacted Andy Unavailable
#18 Jim Quinn Elite B Advised Wonn On alleged SC Very Strange Page =)
#19 Matt Batastini Elite B Towles Is Next Unavailable
#20 Sterling Neblett Elite B Playing Goldeneye Unavailable
#21 Jose DelRisco Elite B Left On Business Venture Unavailable
#22 Paul Solo Elite B Disappered In August Unavailable
#23 Jason Engel Elite B 70+ LAUNDA PTS IN 24 HRS! Star Wars & Stolen New Tags =)
#24 Wesley Reppert Elite B 13-19 VS Engel Unavailable
#25 Nathan Johnson Elite B He's Gone Folks! Nathan Johnson's Kart 64 Page
#26 Thomas Hulguin Elite B No Longer AOL Member Unavailable
#27 Mike Couch Elite C Nothing New Couch's Foosball Page
#28 Alfred Popp Elite F Nothing New Unavailable

# Name & Link Rank Latest News Homepage or Link
NR Gregg Gorczowski Elite I Tried One Last Time In Summer Unavailable
#29 Allen Crowley Professional A Retired November 24th Directory Tree
#30 Daniel Huntsman Professional A Email From Alaska; Data Erased Unavailable
NR Eddie Loaisiga Professional A Working On Flower Cup Not Available
NR Francis Fiduk Professional B Email To Whalls Early July Unavailable
NR Tony Nguyen Professional C Inactive Due To School Unavailable
NR Mark Flannery Professional F Nothing New Unavailable
NR Matthew Cervantes Professional F Nothing New Unavailable
NR Kristi Casey Semi-Pro C Shall Be Back Soon Unavailable
NR Mark Roth Semi-Pro F Luigi Raceway UNAVAILABLE
NR Leo Galleguillos Semi-Pro F Working On Website Homework Help
NR David Landry Expert A Retired Novemeber 1997 Bobo Frogg's Home Page
NR Rene "Rex" Elsaesser Expert B Rainbow Road Rex's Pal N64 Page
NR Tyler Stobbe Expert B NO NEW PRS YET Zelda Blaster
NR Tom Sherman Expert D Nothing New Yet Unavailable
NR Louis Paquin Expert D Disppeared From Nintendo BBS Unavailable
NR Christopher Fuchs Expert D Unknown Unavailable
NR Jerry Van Wagenen Expert D Disappeared From Nintendo BBS Unavailable
NR Luc Nicole-Labrie Expert F He's Active Again No Times Though Unavailable
NR Ryan Bates Advanced A His Site Relocated! Ultrus's Page
NR Jeremy House Advanced A Inactive Top Secret
NR Jake Heller Intermediate B Inactive Unavailable
NR Mike Klass Beginner A Challenging Heller Freaks Home Page
NR Andy Hardin Beginner D Nothing New Unavailable
NR Wendy Westman Newbie C Nothing New Unavailable
NR Eddie Harris Newbie F Nothing New Unavailable

# Name & Link Rank Latest News Homepage or Link
#1 Alex Penev Legend D Back To Defend Title Alex's Page
#2 Peter Elsaesser King A Playing NTSC Unavailable
#3 Michael Liem King B Fastlap Under 10'50! Unavailable
#4 Sami Cetin King B Lots Of New Times Unavailable
#5 Steven Zwartjes Elite A Royal SC 3lap Unavailable
#6 William Lacey ????? ? No News Yet Unavailable

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