Thank You

Updated February 2nd - 3:33PM Eastern

Now we, the kart 64 team, are finally able to thank all of the contributors to this page. Kart 64 Players has been around for quite some time now, and really, we couldn't have done it without you all. This is our attempt at showing our appreciation for all of your help, even though words probably don't show our full gratitude for the amounts you have done for us.

Something a little different in the design, folks. You all are now able to write in your own "thanks" list. We are still trying to decide how we want this to work out, but if you wish to make a list, take the source code from Kevin's or my thanks list and change it around to say what you would like. Remember, keep it appropriate... no unnecessary comments on people or their validity, controversial topics and such. Anything we don't deem to be reasonably won't be posted. How hard is it, guys? A thanks list. Anyway, enjoy what we've got.


Kevin Booth and Jason Whalls