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Latest PAL World Records
Vincent Tolhuis - WS sc flap - 2"35* (7/14/08)
Greg Ihnatenko - RRy sc 3lap - 2'00"01* (7/13/08)
Michael Jongerius - FS 3lap - 2'00"98* (3/14/08)
Latest NTSC World Records
Luke Barnard - MR flap - 23"05* (3/12/08)
Karlo Tomazelli - RRy sc 3lap - 1'40"25 (8/4/07)
Karlo Tomazelli - LR flap - 31"37 (6/15/07)

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

- The Final News Update -
- by Michael at 5:59 pm

This was the final news update of the old version of the Mario Kart 64 players page. Go to to see the new website!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

- Top100s & Stats Updated -
- by Michael at 8:57 am

They're updated with times from 9th october.

For the rest, I can advice you to keep checking this page in the next couple days. Something nice is going to happen.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

- Top100s & Stats Updated -
- by Michael at 2:10 pm

They are updated with times from the end of the month September. I fixed a bug, so the AvgFin and ARR pages are really updated now.

Friday, September 26, 2008

- Top100s & Stats Updated -
- by Michael at 1:14 am

They are updated again. Vincent Tolhuis reached GOD rank in non-shortcut and became the second player to reach overall GOD.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

- Top100s & Stats Updated -
- by Michael at 2:28 pm

Updated again. Check them out.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

- Top100s & Stats Updated -
- by Michael at 4:24 pm

They're updated. Check them out.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

- PL Update -
- by Nathan at 3:05 pm

Firs PL Update of the month

The Player's List is now update with the times from the first week and a half of Setpember

Sunday, September 07, 2008

- News Update - August II -
- by Darius at 11:24 am

Welcome to another news update, kart fans! It's time to catch up with all the non-SC action from the second half of August as well as the shortcut times for the whole month. Seeing as the SC players were left out last time, let's start with them:¦

The world record fest continued at the top of the SC charts as Karlo Tomazelli and Greg Ihnatenko each broke 3lap WRs. Karlo's 21"61 on FS 3lap was actually set back in April but he only sent it in at the start of last month so congratulations to Karlo for that one! Karlo also had the DKJP 3lap WR of 20"19 from back in April but by the time he sent it into the site it only lasted a couple of days as Greg Ihnatenko raced an incredible 24"03 PAL time that broke the NTSC 20 second barrier at 19"99! Greg and Karlo's PRs edge them up the SC rankings slightly and Karlo now sits just 0.1 behind SC champion Vincent Tolhuis. Robert Szabo is setting some great times at the moment and he made a particularly good breakthrough on the RRd spiral shortcut to help him move up 4 more places into 24th. Non-SC GOD Andre Hermanny decided to play some SC and moved up a couple of places into 37th whilst Matthias Rustemeyer's surge up the charts continued into August as he went up another 3 places into 44th.

Andrew Weatherton kicked off a bout of PRs by people at the Virginia meet in August, cutting just over 2 from his AF to reach 57th. Two players who had good months in July kept that going into August: Marcos Vinicius Alves, who went up another 9 places into 106th; and Eric Tapani, who cut nearly 18 from his AF to go from 172nd right up to 138th. Christophe Tremblay almost made it into the top 300 at 301 and Elizabeth Mimms added some Virginia PRs to reach 338th.

Over to the non-SC action for the second half of August and Finn Berger continued his great year by picking up another place and moving into 29th, passing Tim Everett. Shortcut legend Myles Bukrim is next up for Finn around 3 AF ahead and just ahead of Myles is fellow SC master Greg Ihnatenko. Two names who seem to feature every month each went up two places; Marcos, rising to 66th, and Matthias, up to 70th. How far will our newest Legends go? Someone who should soon be joining the Legend ranks at this pace is Nicola Gatti. Nicola obviously took my hint about Iacopo on board and roared up the charts in the last two weeks of August, going from 158th to 99th and posting an incredible 98.6 AF cut for the month, almost a 50% improvement. The gap to Italian champion Iacopo is now a much more manageable 24 AF points.

Outside the top 100, Christophe went up another 3 places to move into 128th while Guilherme Arantes and Matt Vanderwouw kept PRing in the second half of the month. Matt went up 7 places into 171st but Guilherme did even better, moving up 9 places into 174th, closing the gap between the two. Eric had a terrific month on both halves of the charts, adding to his SC improvements with a 22-place climb here that saw him land in 207th. John Kenny sent in 24 PRs which made a huge difference to his AF, slashing over 53 points from it to lift him all the way up into 340th. Tim Gauthier improved massively on his original ranking of 433rd with 20 PRs sending him flying into 358th. Aidan Bayne improved his AF by 12.5 to reach 404th and Justin Baldwin climbed to 464th with a cut of 7. Last but not least, Alvaro Fababu went up another 9 places after his improvements in the first half of the month, getting to 565th.

New SC joiners who didn't get reported in the first half of the month:

Robert Hill - 188 SC
Jack Merrywell - 239 SC
Brad Stevens 351 SC

And that's all for another update! Check back soon for all the action in the first half of September.

Monday, September 01, 2008

- PL Update -
- by Nathan at 12:33 pm

Last PL Update of the month

The Player's List has been updated to reflect times to the end of August

- Top100s & Stats Updated -
- by Michael at 12:32 pm

Here's the long awaited update! All tables are updated with end of month times.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

- News Update - August I -
- by Darius at 1:36 pm

Welcome to another news update, kart fans! The contest may be over but the karting never stops, so let's see who got to it so far this month. If you're wondering where the shortcut action has gone, we're having a few technical difficulties and I'd rather get the stats right than make them up, so I'll do an extra-detailed SC update at the end of the month. Onto the non-SC actionâ

An unprecedented situation has arisen in the first two weeks of August with nobody in the top 50 improving their AF! That means that the first non-SC mover this month is actually everyone's favourite MK64 news writer, Darius Austin. I'll be honest, I was expecting to have to get a bit higher in the rankings for that to happen but as it turns out, moving into 57th with a cut of just over a point was good enough. More familiar names continue to move up behind with Marcos Vinicius Alves up one into 68th and Matthias Rustemeyer still on his unstoppable charge, cutting 5 from his AF to finish in 72nd. After those three, another gap opens up until 131st, where Christophe Tremblay has made a nice 28 point cut to get another great month started. Andrew Weatherton went karting to get into the spirit of the meet in Virginia and cut nearly 4 from his AF to reach 148th. MKDS no. 13 and Italian no. 2 Nicola Gatti roared up the charts, jumping 34 places with a 38 AF cut to land in 158th. Iacopo Sorce is still a long way ahead; will Nicola be able to catch the national champion?

A group of players decided it was time to get inside the top 200; they were led by Matt Vanderwouw, who completed his long term goal by emphatically breaking the 200 mark, moving up to 178th with a cut of nearly 20. Guilherme Arantes made an even better cut of 27 and kept in touch with Matt at 183. Wilf Swann came from a long way back with a gigantic 82 point cut that saw him enter the top 200 too at 194 while in-between Guilherme and Wilf, Nicholas Harvey moved up 7 places into 189th. No. 211 Jose Karica and no. 220 Bo Garman will be looking to join that group in the top 200 soon, up 8 and 6 places respectively. Eric Tapani is not too far behind, cutting nearly 15 from his AF to reach 229th.

Alvin van Asselt has had a very busy time since coming back from his vacation. As well as taking back his MKWii number one spot, Alvin also found time to climb 15 places on MK64, up into 308th. Nicholas Hindes climbed a solitary place into 363rd before a massive gap to the next mover, Brad Stevens. He went up 18 places into 543rd. Alvaro Fababu continued his improvements from last month by rising another 13 places into 574th and three players outside the top 600 rounded out the action: Tingshian Wu, up 11 into 621st; Scott Abbey, holding his 623rd spot with a 2.3 cut; and SMK women's champion Spril,I mean April Thompson, up 14 places into 633rd.

New players for the first half of August:

Michael Tunzi - 331 - Semi-Pro A
Jonathan Price - 43 - Expert D
Robert Hill - 437 - Advanced C
Jack Merrywell - 513 ntermediate A

And that's all for the first couple of weeks of August! Join me again next time, where I'l have all the SC action and someone higher than me improving on non-SC. Probably.

Older news can be viewed in the news archives



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