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The Combined Mario Kart Rankings

- Extra information and Frequently Asked Questions -

How does the ranking formula work exactly?
The ranking score is based on the Average Finish Rankings score for MK64, MKDD, SMK, MKDS and MKSC. Next, this formula is used to calculate your score for one game:
LOG10 ("Worst player's AvgFin Score" / "Your AvgFin score").
For example: If the worst avgfin in MK64 is about 400 and your AvgFin score is 1.3, your score will be LOG10 ( 400/1.3) = 2.48 (you're a damn lucky guy if that's really your score :-) ).
After that your scores for the 2, 3 or 4 individual games are summed, to get a total score. If you don't play one of the games your score is just zero for that game.

That sounds complicated... What does it mean in practice? Is it better to get a high rank, or is it better to play more games?
Well, both are important. The formula is designed so that playing more games will give you some good reward. However, it's also designed so that you get a reward for continuing to get better at your strongest game. So, if you want to get a better overall rank, usually both things will help you equally to improve your overall rank.
To help you understand how the logarithmic function works I'll give you an example: If you're ranked 200 out of 400 players (so you beat 50% of the field) you get 0.301 points. Now, if you want to improve another 0.301 points, you'll need to beat another 50% of a field of players that you haven't beaten yet. You can either do that on the same game: If you improve from #200 to #100 your score for that game will go up from 0.301 to 0.602. But you can also do that on a different game: If you start playing a new game and reach #150 out of 300 players on a 2nd game, you'll get 0.301 points for that game, so your total will be 0.602 as well.

Isn't this rankings page unfair? On SMK it's much easier to reach top 25 because than on MKDD because the competition is much smaller. So, you can get better scores if you play SMK.
Ok, I see your point: on SMK NTSC only 141 people are active, while in MKDD you compete against 478 other players, so reaching top 25 is much harder for a MKDD-er. However, this is exactly what the formula is designed for: it will correct this discrepancy and make it fair again. Look at these examples:
If you're 25th in SMK NTSC your score will be LOG10 (25.5 / 141.5) = 0.744 points
If you're 25th in MKDD your score will be around LOG10 (25.5 / 478) = 1,270 points
If you're 85th in MKDD your score will be around LOG10 (85.5 / 478) = 0.749 points
So, if you're 25th in MKDD you get more points than if you're 25th in SMK.

How exactly do you keep track which players are eligible for the rankings? Do I need to send you an email when I join one of the Mario Kart Competitions?
The updating program automatically checks which players are listed on 2 or more of the ranking pages. So, if you're ranked on 2 or more of the rankings, your name should show up here automatically. If it doesn't happen, then you should send me an email. It's possible that the program failed to recognize your name in that case.

What happens if I play both the NTSC and PAL version of Super Mario Kart?
We only use one SMK score. If you play both versions, the program will use the highest of the two scores. You won't get extra points for playing 2 versions.

Will you add MKSC or future MK games to this page in the future?
MKSC finally got added now (august 2006). If new Mario Kart games are released, I'll also add it, provided that the game has a good rankings page with a well balanced and competitive competition.

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