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Last updated: April 24th 2014

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Friday, April 18, 2014
- April first half - aaaaaand another one! -
by Chraizy at 4:33 am

Hey guys! Chris here. First of all a little announcement:

The next news update will be at the 17th May!

I don't have the time to write news as I have upcoming finals and my time is fully consumed by learning. Writing the news today already cost me a bit, but today is holiday so I got a bit spare time. Well, let's move on to the news:

We got a lot of activity again this half, and our 17th non-sc overall GOD: DANIEL BURBANK! With achieving LR and TT 3lap as his last missing GODs he joined the godly club!

New Players

No new players...

World Records


NTSC WR Madness! Two players hit WRs this half.

The first was Daniel Burbank, who just improved his FS 3lap even more to the long awaited (PAL) sub and his very first and highest ranked #3 time. The time he set is a 1'40"60 (PAL: 2'00"96)!

Matthias Rustemeyer switched to the NTSC side end of March. He set a lot of new WRs, I will not go into detail as it would take me too much time which is limited currently for me.. sorry!

LR 3lap: 1'38"45 (PAL: 1'58"38)
KTB 3lap: 1'19"71 (PAL: 1'35"84)
TT 3lap: 2'29"12 (PAL: 2'59"30)
MR 3lap: 1'13"30 (PAL: 1'28"14)
WS 3lap: 3'38"82 (PAL: 4'23"11)
SL 3lap: 1'36"84 (PAL: 1'56"44)
BB 3lap: 1'43"94 (PAL: 2'04"98
RRd 3lap: 4'55"14 (PAL: 5'54"88)
KD flap: 32"58 (PAL: 39"17)
TT flap: 49"14 (PAL: 59"09)
WS flap: 1'12"10 (PAL: 1'26"69)
YV flap: 26"17 (PAL: 31"47)
BB flap: 34"07 (PAL: 40"97)

Non-SC Movement

The highest active member this half was #4 (4) Zoran Tintor. He showed us some really crazy potential on BC, but sadly he wasn't able to pull off 3 of those killer laps in one run. He still got a nice cut on the 3lap and a 2 ranks cut on the flap, leading to a little 0.06 AF cut.
#10 (11) Greg Ihnatenko improved his RRy flap time by 0"01 seconds and reached the TOP10 on this chart.
#20 (19) Daniel Burbank is in the spotlight of the news once more: only 2 years ago we had another Daniel (Lunczer), who was able to get all of the non-sc GODs. Now he is following with the 2 last remaining ones: LR and TT 3laps! Apart from that he was able to improve 12 more PRs! That's a pretty big 2.3 AF points cut and he tied Luke for the 19th non-sc AF rank. Huge congratz Dan!
#33 (33) Mike Simmons played some RRy flap and DK 3lap. On DK he was able to pull of his 22nd GOD time in non-sc! Mike cut 0.6 points and is close to the TOP30. If he can do this, I will be outside the TOP30 for the first time in almost 2 years. Time to make a comeback...
#63 (64) Beck Abney improved 21 PRs and got 4 new GOD times in the progress! Beck is still struggling to get rid of his last King time on WS 3lap, but he will eventually do that soon. His progress is really incredible! He cut 9.2 Points and passed 10 players. That's a lot for that rank.
#67 (67) Jake Walter improved his WS flap and BB 3lap and cut 0.4 AF points. Unfortunately he got passed by Beck, so he lost a spot to him. #68 (69) Noah Gordon was able to hold his spot, with 2 PRs on KD and SL 3laps. Both times are TOP80 and are ranked Legend D and Legend B. Noah cut 0.7 AF points and in the WRL he was able to pass David Schiering.
#95 (95) Michael Arends rejoined the TOP100 this half! With 7 new records he was able to cut over 11 AF points! Michael got a few nice times, his biggest cut was the TT 3lap which went from 156th to 63rd and Legend C. He also achieved the double GOD on YV which puts his non-sc GOD count to 5. Michael is really close to the next rank promotion so he should keep the activity up!
#98 (98) Sean Sullivan improved his BC 3lap and improved 8 ranks in this chart. Sadly he didn't cut any AF due to Michaels progress.
#103 (104) Matthew Little improved his WS flap and almost got a new Legend time here. He maintained his rank as the cut wasn't too big.
#128 (12) Dan Tarr improved his MMF flap and got his very first GOD time here! Dan passed 2 players and is close to the TOP125.
#167 (165) Lachlan YOung improved TT and SL dual and got some nice cuts, improving all 4 times into the lower half of the TOP200. His SL was even a Legend time! Lachlan passed 8 players and is very close to the King C rank!
#176 (179) Andrew Weatherton got a huge load of new records! 17 to be exact, and all of them cut a good amount of AF. Andrew improved 3 Elite times to King ones and improved his ARR to King D. In AF, he passed 16 players with a 17.5 AF point cut.
#197 (198) Kyle Begley improved 14 PRs, 4 of them are new King times. Kyle reached the King F status this half, making him the 204th player to do so! In AF he passed 8 players and reached the TOP200!
#270 (273) Trent Morgan got 11 new records Mainly on the Special Cup. His times are ranged from 340th to 260th, so pretty balanced for his level. Trent improved a few Pro times to Masters and passed 16 people in the AF charts.
#339 (342) Ryan Dunlap got 5 new records on LR 3lap, TT dual, CM and DK flap. He cut 7 AF points and passed 6 players.
#349 (353) Corey Attard got 6 new records and cut 15 AF points with it. He passed 16 players and reached the Master D standard!
#445 (454) Andreas Poll got 25 new records this half. A few nice PRs, especially his MR flap, which is his first Elite time! Andreas cut 67 AF points to pass 83 players!
#447 (456) Josiah Collins passed 1 palyer with 3 PRs. They were on WS 3lap and MMF dual. He erased 2 Expert times with his new PRs and also reached the Semi Pro C status this half!
#454 (462) Tony Fan got a new RRy 3lap time and improved it by 0"3 more seconds, now ranked 156th.
#548 (561) Julian Utz got 13 new records and got a nice 53 AF points cut. He passed 72 players and reached the TOP600. On top of that he was able to leave the Advanced ranks and join the Expert ranks!

SC Movement

The highest SC player this time was #13 (13) Mike Simmons. He improved his MR times and came close on the 3lap to reach a new GOD. His flap went down by a small margin. 0"02 seconds, but it was enough to cut 2 ranks on this chart. Mike passed no one but he is only 0.8 AF points away from #12.
#14 (14) Jake Walter made a nice jump this half from 18 to 14th, passing 4 players with 4 new records. The biggest cut came from FS flap, which he improved by 0"15 seconds and jumped from 32nd to 12th! Jake cut 1.6 AF points this half, and his ARR dropped by 0.15 points.
#19 (20) Matthew Little got 3 new records. He was able to cut 1.3 AF points and pass 2 players. His biggest PR was on TT flap, which went from 48th to 34th and from Leg F to Leg C.
#21 (22) Noah Gordon played a bit TT flap this half, but he lost a rank to Matthew unfortunately.
#51 (55) Beck Abney improved CM 3lap, MR flap and WS Dual. His WS times are not TOP100 yet, but that will probably change soon. His CM 3lap is a new TOP100 though. Beck passed 2 players with a 2 AF points cut.
#74 (72) Michael Arends sent us times for CM. Both of them aren't too strong, but they helped him to fill his timeset and cut 5.3 AF points plus pass 5 players!
#181 (199) Julian Utz improved 9 records and passed 15 players with a nice 6 AF points cut.
#299 (245) Daniel Burbank tried his hand on RRd flap aswell this half and was able to hit it. He cut 12 AF points alone with it and reached the TOP250 with ease!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014
- POY 2013 -
by Zoran at 10:57 am

3 months late, but sooner then the last POY, the time has come to see who are the best players of 2013. Last time i wrote how we had a great number of WR improvements (61). In 2013 there were 75 WR improvements which brings us to a level of 2004(79) and 2005(76). Some of those WRs came from NTSC world where we finally have a consistent activity at the very top after 7 years. Also, many new players joined the site with some amazing improvements in their 1st year.
Let's take a look at some of the best achievements of 2013:

We start with new non-sc champion Matthias Rustemeyer. Matthias was able to do what almost no one thought was possible, he ended a decade of MJ rule over MK64 non-sc world.
He improved all of his times and ended the year with 29 non-sc WRs. His other 3 times were ranked #2 bringing his AF all the way under 1.1 points. In terms of percentage Matthias cut 60.5% of his AF.

He started the year with only 2 times in top 10 and finished it with only 5 outside of it. Jamie White became NTSC non-sc champion dethroning Karlo after 7 years.
Jamie started the year just inside top 20 and by the end of 2013 he was 5th. He did it with 32 new PRs and 66% AF cut. It is also important to mention that he got an amazing DK flap WR which even Matthias wasn't able to beat.

Jamie wasn't the only old school player who improved a lot in 2013. Greg Ihnatenko made a great UNI jump this year. He did a decent job on non-sc improving almost half of his PR.
However, since 8 of top 10 players were active this year it was hard to gain ranks there. Over on SC side of the ranks Greg made the best work of all. With 13 new SC PRs and 3 new WRs Greg made a 35% AF cut and jumped from tight 3rd place into safe 2nd lowering his AF below 3.000.

Daniel Burbank joined the site in early February at 512th place. Since then Daniel improved all of his times into top 50 leaving only LR and TT 3laps short of GOD rank.
Most impressive time he got was NTSC WR on FS 3lap which was enough for top 5 overall. Daniel cut 94% of his 1st AF and ended this year at 30th place.

Another player who improved all 32 PRs this year was Lenny Gutierrez.
He started the year just inside top 100 and finished it at 51st place. He cut almost 50% of his AF and from only 1 GOD at the beginning of the year he finished it on 11.

2nd best SC mover this year was Jake Walter. With 17 new PRs Jake went from 38th to 27th place on the SC ranks cutting 1/3 of his AF. Most impressive time of all was his top 15 KD SC 3lap.
Over on non-sc Jake improved all of his PRs which means he improved 47/54 PRs this year. Jake cut his non-sc AF by 20% and he got his 1st non-sc GOD time on MR 3lap.

A very big UNI jump this year for Jonathan Steel. He cut his UNI AF by 1/3. In non-sc Jonathan went from #144 to #92. He started the year without any top 100 times and by the end of it most of his times were in top 100.
Over on SC, he and Jake acted like twins. Jonathan also improved 11 places, starting this year and ending it 1 place behind Jake. His Kd 3lap was also very nice, you can guess...1 place behind Jake. However, he did manage to do 1 thing better and that is RRd SC 3lap at #12.

Michael Arends made some fantastic progress since he joined the site in late February. He started at #789 non-sc and #278 sc. Michael climbed all the way into top 100 and achieved a Legend rank on non-sc.
He already reached some GOD times and the best of all was SL 3lap at #13!!! Michael showed he has some SC skills as well finishing the year at 79th place even with incomplete set of times. He ended the year with 2 top 10 sc times.

Another new player who showed a remarkable level of skill was Stefan Kok. He joined at #425 and climbed all the way to 106th place by the end of the year.
He maybe didn't made as big cut as Michael or Daniel made, but his improvement rate was great since he joined in mid May.

Last but not least on this list is Christopher Zartler. Christopher was among few people this year who cut more then 1/2 of his non-sc AF with 53%.
He started the year at 348th place as Master F and ended it at 168th place among Kings. His times were very consistent in King territory leaving only 4 times at Elite A and reaching Legend on 2 of them.

As you can read, this was an amazing year. More then 1 person would have won in almost any other year with this achievements. Unfortunately they made some epic progress in a year when MJ was dethroned after 10 years and even more impressive, he lost almost all WRs. 2013 award goes to a person responsible for all that and his name is Matthias Rustemeyer. He was able to push the limits of MK64 to another level and with that he deserved his record 3rd POY.

POW points are also updated.

Friday, April 04, 2014
- March 2nd Half - Awesome NLG Mini In the Netherlands - An MK64 Special! -
by Chraizy at 11:57 am

Hey guys, it's Chris! We had an awesome weekend at the NLG Mini Meeting in the Netherlands with a few prominent karters like Matthias, VAJ, Vincent van der Fluit, Karel van Duijvenboden, Patrick Wessels and a few guys (and girls ;)) playing some different games! I was there aswell and I got to say: it was a fanstatic weekend! It was nice to meet some of you again and the new people there aswell. Shoutouts to the organizer and the technical support, without them this wouldn't have been doable. We had nice tournaments, speedruns, we even had a new WR there from Matthias! But enough from the meet now, let's talk about the activity of the month:

New Players

Pope Nascar joined the site with a complete timeset at #600.
Bertie Ledward sent us 2 times to join our site at #894.
Ryan Dunlap (joins SC) sent us 7 times for FS, WS, RRy and DK. He debuted at #292.
Jacob Deitchley (joins SC) sent us a WS 3lap time ranked 94th! He debuted at #380.

World Records


Matthias Rustemeyer improved his own TT 3lap time at the NLG Mini Meet in a 1 1/2 hour Time Trial demonstration. The new time is 2'58"76 (NTSC: 2'28"67)!

The other record came from Daniel Burbank. He improved his own FS 3lap time and went almost sub 2'01 in PAL. The new best is now 1'40"63 (PAL: 2'01"00)!


Vincent Tolhuis sent us a new RRd flap time, which only cut a few hundreths, but helped him to tie Zorans WR: Vincent got a 1'17"77 (NTSC: 1'04"68)!

Non-SC Movement

MK64 Time Trial Champion Matthias Rustemeyer improved his TT 3lap and maintains his rank.
#4 (4) Zoran Tintor improved his BC times and passed 5 players in total. He cut 0.12 AF points and is now almost only 1 AF point behind VAJ.
#10 (11) Greg Ihnatenko got 7 new records this half ans passed Daniel in the WRL to join the TOP10! In the AF charts he still needs to cut 0.4 AF points, but with his cut this half that shouldn't be a problem. 1.1 AF points were improved with PRs on many different tracks. His highest ranked time was a SL flap ranked 8th.
#21 (20) Daniel Burbank improved 3 times, one of them a 3lap NTSC WR on FS 3lap, and cut 0.25 AF points to pass Eddie for a TOP20 spot!
#33 (33) Mike Simmons got 3 new records on MR dual and DK 3lap. He cut a total of 0.8 AF points and is closing in to the next spot.
#69 (69) Noah Gordon improved his KD flap and cut 5 ranks on that chart. He maintains his rank, but he should keep playing, as #73 (74) Beck Abney is on the way to catch up with him. Beck scored 12 new records this half, one of them being a new 3lap GOD on MR! He also improved 4 PRs from King to Legend standard. He is now the newest Legend C player, and also joined the TOP75!
#105 (104) Matthew Little sent us 2 flaps for CM and MR. Both are new Legend times and helped him to cut 1.5 points. He passed 2 players and is now only 3 points short for the TOP100.
#175 (173) Lachlan Young made 3 strong cuts on BC dual and YV flap. He cut 5.5 AF points and passed 7 players. He also joined the TOP175 this time!
#188 (187) Patrick Loseth made some strong progress on FS and MR dual. Both MR times went into the TOP130 and are ranked close to the Legend ranks. Patrick cut 6.2 AF points and passed 5 players.
#204 (206) Kyle Begley sent us 7 new records across all cups. He got 2 new King times and a few strong cuts. His BC flap is ranked well at 160th and in general he cut 3.8 points to pass 2 players.
#346 (348) Ryan Dunlap sent us 8 new times, also across all the cups, and passed 6 players with a 8.6 AF points cut. Ryan tried to improve some of his weaker times and had success with a few stronger times like MMF flap at 243rd.
#358 (361) Tyler Chambers got 3 new PRs on KD dual and BC flap. His AF cut wasn't dramatically big (4 points) but he still passed 5 players and got a rank promotion to Master D!
#448 (457) Josiah Collins got new double PRs on CM and WS. He improved the CM 3lap and the WS flap from Expert to Semi-Pro and the WS 3lap is close to Semi-Pro aswell. He passed 14 players and missed a rank promotion by a little bit.
#454 (462) Tony Fan sent us a new double PR for RRy, probably his flap is still his best 1-shroomer. It's a pretty strong one, but for the flap ranks it's not fitting his 3lap, which is ranked 186th. Tony passed 1 player with a 1.2 AF cut.
#503 (517) Adam F Breckner sent 6 times in. Most of them were 3laps, so his 3lap totals will go down by a bit. Adam passed 8 players and is not too far away from the TOP500.
#512 (537) Andreas Poll sent us 9 new times for all the cups. His DK flap was the biggest cut going from 600th all the way down to 371st! Andreas passed 24 players with a big 23 AF cut!

SC Movement

SC and Universal Time Trial Champion Vincent Tolhuis improved his RRd flap and gained a rank, but already lost a spot again to William.
#17 (17) Mark Jones played some TT flap and cut 5 ranks. He didn't cut any AF either, as the others in his region of the ranks are active aswell...
...#18 (19) Jake Walter for example. He is raging through the ranks with 8 new PRs! Especially FS was on his list this time, where he improved the 3lap to Legend B and TOP15 and the flap went down to his newest GOD standard! He cut 2.1 AF points and passed 3 players.
#20 (20) Noah Gordon improved KD flap and DK and YV 3laps. His cuts were small, except for his YV 3lap, which dropped by 0"4 seconds and barely missed GOD! It's ranked 18th though and mainly helped him to pass Matthias in the SC ladder (who lost 3 spots here in one half by the way!).
#22 (22) Matthew Little got 2 new records on FS flap and YV flap. Both were GODs already, but his FS flap dropped down to the 6th place! Matthew passed Matthias aswell and is now very close to a TOP20 rank!
#53 (57) Beck Abney got 3 new records on KD 3lap and RRd dual. His 3lap is now a PAL sub 4 Minutes, ranked 6th overall! His flap dropped by 0"23 seconds, but the gaps here are pretty big so he didn't gain a rank.
#174 (151) William Lacey got 2 new MR times again. The flap dropped by 0"05 seconds, and his 3lap was a cut of 0"2 seconds! He is the second person ever who subbed here and is reaaally close to the WR!
#190 (185) Tyler Chambers sent a new RRd flap which helped him to cut 1.2 AF points and pass 2 players.
#207 (190) Cristian Juarez, a guy who rejoined the last time, just came back into the game with a few SC tries. He improved 4 times on FS and RRd dual and already got a dual TOP100 on RRd! He passed 20 players with a pretty nice 8.2 AF cut.
#327 (301) Daniel Burbank sent us 2 SC times for WS dual, which both went down by a lot. He cut 14.5 AF points with those 2 PRs alone! He also passed 77 players and is only 1 spot behind the TOP300!

Monday, March 17, 2014
- March first half - Rainbows... -
by Chraizy at 9:57 am

Hi guys! Chris here with some news! Pretty fast update today as I have to prepare for the NLG Mini. It's a MK64 special, so if you wanna watch it, it's from the 21st to 23rd March 2014. The link:

Hope that many of you guys are watching! :)

New Players

Cristian Juarez joined the site with a complete timeset. He debuted at #89, which is crazy. But as he told us he once wanted to be removed, this is sort of a comeback :D. Will he go for it again and get to where he once was? - SC: #210
Andreas Poll joined with a complete timeset at #563.
Julian Utz submitted times for every course but RR and debuted at #632. SC: #214.
Herson Eduardo Almendares joined the site with a complete timeset at #641.
Jeff Ferencz-Nagy joined us with 4 times, but all relatively close ranked to the 300s. He debuted at #826. SC: #491.
Angelo Rossi joined us with 3 PRs on LR, MR and WS 3laps and started at #938.

World Records

No new World Records...

Non-SC Movement

The highest active mover was #4 (4) Zoran Tintor, who got a new MR 3lap time. He cut 0"3 seconds off his old PR and gained 7 ranks. His AF dropped to 4.7, and is only 1.2 points behind VAJ!
#7 (8) Thomas Jordet larsen made a nice comeback with 2 CM PRs, ranked 8th and 6th. The flap was a pretty big cut of 0"13 seconds. He cut 0.3 AF points and is 1 point behind Karlo.
#22 (21) Daniel Burbank improved a few of his old times. 5 times on Mush and Special Cup got improved, which lead to a total cut of 1.1 points. He passed 2 players and only needs one more rank to pop into the TOP20!
#35 (34) Mike Simmons got 2 PRs on MMF and KTB flaps. Both cut 0"1 seconds, which is pretty nice for such a long time of inactivity! Mike passed 1 player and is only 2 ranks behind Myles on the AF charts.
#69 (69) Noah Gordon got a dual LR PR. Both got to Legend level and TOP100! Noah passed 4 players and is now in the TOP70.
#78 (78) Beck Abney got 8 PRs, of which one is a new Legend time. He got a pretty strong RaR PR ranked 49th and Legend B. Beck passed 4 players and is only 4 points away from the TOP75!
#107 (106) Matthew Little got 3 flap PRs on KTB, KD and TT. All went into the TOP100 and are ranked Legend B, Legend C and King A. Matthew passed 2 people with a 3 AF points cut.
#131 (130) Dan Tarr got a small PR on MMF flap, but lost AF due to the active people and the rejoin of Cristian.
#183 (180) Lachlan Young got 7 records, all ranked around 150th. One of them was a new Legend time on FS flap by 0"02 seconds, which is ranked 155th.
#206 (208) Kyle Begley got 3 new records on TT and BC 3laps and YV flap. The PRs weren't pretty big, but they helped him to cut 1.4 AF points and pass 2 people!
#240 (244) Chris Porter got 15 new records. DK was one of them still in the Pro Area, but he also got many new King times! His best time was a 179th ranked FS flap, almost at Legend F! Chris passed 23 people with a 17 AF points cut.
#285 (289) Trent Morgan improved 17 PRs, and got many new Elite times. His AF dropped by 30 points and he joined the TOP300 by passing 26 players! He also reached the Elite D status!
#346 (344) Bryan Perrott got 5 PRs on FS and WS dual and YV flap. He cut 5 AF points and passed 4 players. He eliminated 2 Semi-Pro and 2 Pro times in the progress, and also reached the Master B standard!
#387 (394) Anna Moon got a new improvement on LR and passed 26 players here. She remains at the same spot though; but the nex one is close.
#442 (447) Daniel Chancey got dual PRs on LR, RRy and BC. All of them went well into the TOP400, some even into the TOP300! He got a few new Elite times, and passed 40 people with a 33 AF points cut.
#454 (463) Tony Fan got 2 RRy PRs and improved them by one standard each. He passed one player, but lost AF due to newcomers and activity.
#459 (471) Josiah Collins got 18 new records and passed 43 people with a 34 AF points cut. He also reached the Semi-Pro D ranks!
#843 (516) Tim van Ham submitted 2 times for YV, ranked 194th and 136th! The flap is King A. He passed 48 players with those alone!
#659 (687) Eric Crawford got 8 new records, which lead to a 18 AF points cut and he passed 21 players to reach the TOP700!

SC Movement

The highest active SC player was #17 (17) Mark Jones. He got 7 new PRs, 3 of them are new GOD times! FS and DK flap are ranked 9th and 7th, and his MR flap is ranked 23rd. MR isn't very easy to reach, so that's quite a nice achievment! Mark cut 6 AF points and passed 8 players to reach the TOP20!
#21 (21) Jake Walter got 6 new records, and improved his RRd times even more. The 3lap is now down to sub 3'34 and the flap is almost sub 1'06! Jake passed 1 person with a 1.6 AF cut.
#22 (22) Noah Gordon got 6 PRs aswell. He also played RRd, but got a quite stronger 3lap at 4'00"68 PAL which is ranked 8th! Noah didn't pass anyone, but he and Jake are relatively close on the charts.
#23 (23) Matthew Little is only one spot behind them and also very close AF wise. He improved his KD times and got standards for this course! Matthew cut 2 AF points and passed one person.
#25 (25) Brent Wingert got RRd PRs aswell, but not very big ones. He actually lost 2 spots due to the others above. A pretty big activity range here, could be a good idea for a rivalry :).
#57 (57) Beck Abney got 2 RRd PRs aswell! He cut 3 seconds off his 3lap and is now in the TOP10 here!
#151 (175) William Lacey got 3 PRs, 2 are new times and 2 new GODs! Those are MR 3lap and YV flap. He passed 32 people with a 16 AF points cut.

Monday, March 10, 2014
- POW awards - 4th quarter 2013 -
by Zoran at 9:06 am

Little later then i promised, here are the last awards for 2013. First is October:

Week 1
A very impressive week for Matthias Rustemeyer. Champ got 6 WRs 5 of which are new in his large collection.

Week 2
Best player this week was Daniel Burbank. With 5 new PRs Daniel cut 9% AF. He is getting closer to non-sc GOD every week.

Week 3
Jonathan Steel made some nice improvements. He passed 8 people with 3 new top 100 times and is closing to overall top 100.

Week 4
Patrick Blank keeps climbing the ranks. This week he cut 8% AF and is now very close to top 200.

With 7 new WRs Matthias Rustemeyer wins this award. Out of those 7 WRs only 1 is where he improved his old WR, rest are new. Matthias also improved 3 more PRs to #2 this month.

Second is November:

Week 1
With 10% AF cut Michael Arends was the best player this week. Michael improved 5 PRs and the most impressive of all was God on MR 3lap.

Week 2
Another great week for Michael Arends. This time he improved 6 PRs and made a 12% AF cut which was enough to get him Legend F overall non-sc rank.

Week 3
Matthias Rustemeyer got a few more WRs this week. This time he caught both MR WRs + CM lap WR.

Week 4
Beck Abney wins his 1st POW award. He earned it with 24 new PRs and 11% AF cut.

He improved all of his PRs this month and cut 1/3 of his AF. His name is Beck Abney and in last 30 days he passed 115 people ending the month very close to top 200. Let's hope we will see some more great stuff from Beck in the future.

And in the end December:

Week 1
Matthias Rustemeyer got his monthly quota of WRs this week. Matthias successfully defended KB lap WR and got a very hard KD lap from MJ as well.

Week 2
Bst player this week was Stephen Meakings . With 7 new PRs he passed 3 people and reached Legend D rank.

Week 3
Very nice week for Daniel Burbank. With 8 new PRs he cut 8% of his AF and passed 4 people in the process.

Week 4
Another great week for Daniel Burbank . This week was a copy of his last week with 1 exception, this time Daniel got 9 PRs.

There can be only 1 winner this month and his name is Daniel Burbank. Daniel improved 20 PRs this month and also cut 20% of his AF climbing from #37 to #29.

We had a very active last quarter of 2013 since people were trying to get their 2013 goals, but most impressive of all was Daniel Burbank. Daniel cut both his AF and rank almost in half. To be exact, he cut his AF by 45% and he started this quarter at #52 and finished it in top 30. Most impressive of all his times was NTSC WR on FS 3lap ranked top 5 overall.

Only POY 2013 left now...

Monday, March 03, 2014
- February second half - a whole new level? -
by Chraizy at 4:33 am

Hey guys, Chris here! There was a lot of activity again. I think we could even challenge MK7 activity wise, and that's a great fact for such an old game compared to such a new MK!

New Players

Eric Crawford joined the site with a full timeset at #708.
Zachary Zurawski joined the site with only the first 2 tracks at #932. SC: #355.

World Records


Matthias Rustemeyer reports his first submission for this month! He just broke his old LR 3lap by 0"02 seconds and stands now at 1'58"02 (NTSC: 1'38"15)! Only a bit more and the LR sub is achieved!

Non-SC Movement

MK64 Time Trial Champion Matthias Rustemeyer improved his LR 3lap. Unfortunately he lost a spot because of Lacey and went over the 1.1 mark again.
#4 (4) Zoran Tintor improved his CM times and came below the 5 AF points mark! His lap is pretty strong and went down to 38"16 with a 0"09 seconds cut.
#5 (6) William Lacey got his TOP5 WRL spot back with 4 new records on KD, MR and YV 3laps and DK flap. He subbed 42"5 seconds and pushed Matthias back to #3.
#11 (12) Greg Ihnatenko improved his MMF PRs and CM 3lap. All of them are new TOP20 times and helped him to cut 0.9 AF points. He passed Trystan in the WRL and is now #11! Very close, and definitely possible for him!
#24 (23) Daniel Burbank improved his MR 3lap and RRy flap. The 3lap went into the TOP10 with a 1'13"55, ranked 8th! The RRy flap was a bit weaker, but definitely a good cut. Both PRs helped him to cut a rank and pass Steven Zwartjes.
#27 (27) Finn Berger improved the KTB lap and made a pretty big 0"13 seconds cut to pass 17 players! He cut half an AF point and is only 1.8 AF points short to the TOP25! Can our number one turtle get there?
#65 (63) Darius Austin improved his SL flap and cut 0.5 AF points. It helped him to pass one player and reach the next standard, Legend B!
#70 (73) Noah Gordon got a new TT flap which almost came under the 50 seconds barrier! he cut a few AF points and passed one player in the WRL.
#82 (82) Beck Abney got 24 new records, 2 of them are new GOD times on LR and RRy flap! He cut a pretty huge amount of AF for his rank - 21 points let him pass 18 players! Beck is becoming pretty strong, already getting TOP60 times like nothing! He also reached the Legend D standard this half!
#85 (86) Brent Wingert got a small PR on MMF, but got dropped down one rank by Beck.
#108 (198) Matthew Little got a new LR flap, which is also a new GOD time. Notice: he came from King B directly to the GOD time! He is only a few ARR points away from the Legend F standard, and only 8 ranks seperate him from the TOP100!
#131 (130) Dan Tarr got a MMF 3lap and CM flap PR. CM is one of his weaker tracks, but he managed to get it into the TOP200. His MMF is looking very good, going down to sub 1'30/1"15 and Legend D! Dan passed 5 players.
#189 (190) Patrick Loseth improved 29 PRs in this half! That's amazing! He jumped 2 Standards directly to King F, almost even King D! He passed 44 players with a 56 AF points cut and is now a member of the TOP200! Most notable times where his KTB times, both ranked very close to the TOP100 and both King A.
#190 (191) Lachlan Young got 10 new records, but couldn't get Patrick away from passing him. Lachlan still made pretty nice progress, and like Patrick, he joined the TOP200 and reached the King F standard! His times are ranged from #210 to #141, so pretty balanced. He passed 15 players with a 23 AF point cut.
#209 (210) Kyle Begley got 14 new records. He got 6 new King times and is very close to the King F standard. In AF he passed 12 players with a 17 AF points cut.
#264 (267) Chris Porter got a complete new timeset, and erased all of his remaining Expert and Semi-Pro times and jumped from Master B directly to Elite C! Chris passed 72 players with a pretty big 78 AF points cut!
#275 (279) Michael Phillips also improved his whole timeset this half and made it into the TOP300 with a big 78 AF points cut aswell. He is also an Elite C player now, but coming from Pro A, so he skipped a whole standard!
#316 (315) Trent Morgan got 5 new records on LR and CM dual and SL flap. The PRs weren't too big, but he still managed a 2.7 AF points cut to pass 4 players. He's coming closer to the TOP300, so only 4 or 5 more PRs could get him there.
#349 (353) Ryan Dunlap improved 19 of his times and erased many of his Expert times. His MMF flap is looking solid, standing at King F and almost TOP250!
#455 (459) Justus Gilstrap got 5 new records and cut 5 AF points. He passed 9 players with it and is now also a Semi-Pro C player!
#454 (464) Tony Fan got double PRs on KTB and RRy - resulting in a 8 AF point cut from that alone. his RRy 3lap went sub 2'29 in NTSC by the smallest margin and is his best time! Tony passed 14 players and is close to the TOP450.
#500 (514) Josiah Collins got 5 PRs aswell, but with a 18 AF cut which helped him to pass 24 players. 3 of his Advanced times are gone and he even achieved a Semi-Pro D time on BC flap! Josiah came to the Expert A standard with this update.
#854 (564) Tim van Ham just sent us 8 new times for his timeset which are all ranked very well. Around 180th are all of his new times and all of them are ranked around Elite A/King F potential. His RRy flap is even King A and 150th! Tim passed 197 players and has left the Beginner ranks to flow directly to the Advanced D standard! Note that his potential is much higher as his timeset is still incomplete.
#626 (667) Lewis Richards improved almost his complete timeset apart from KTB 3lap. He made a pretty big cut and passed 107 players with a 88 AF point cut. Lewis also left the Apprentice A ranks and is now an Advanced F player!
#896 (797) Paul Fisher played some more LR and BB and improved his times into the TOP200. His BB flap is now ranked 127th and almost Legend F! Paul could get much higher if he played the other tracks aswell.

SC Movement

MK64 SC and Universal Time Trial Champ Vincent Tolhuis got a new PR on Cm and maintains his rank.
#16 (16) Robert Szabo got a new record on LR 3lap and passed 3 people there.
#21 (21) Noah Gordon got 4 PRs on LR and CM 3lap and TT and RRd flaps. Most notable was his LR 3lap, which is a Legend B time and ranked 20th!
#22 (22) Jake Walter got 6 new records and passed 3 players. He's very close to Noah, and both are close to the TOP20. Who will reach it first?
#23 (23) Brent Wingert got a new YV flap PR, but he lost some AF and a rank due to the other active people around him.
#25 (25) Mark Jones got 14 new records, with 2 new GOD times on TT 3lap and WS flap! Mark passed 6 players with a big 13.7 AF points cut. He got many new TOP20 times, and he also achieved the KD 3lap SC for the first time!
#57 (57) Beck Abney got 10 new records on all cups. He got a new Legend time on TT flap and the rest looks solid too. Beck passed 8 players with a nice 10.2 AF points cut.
#71 (71) Patrick Blank got 3 new records and passed 1 player with a 1.3 AF points cut.
The other Patrick, #83 (83) Patrick Loseth, improved his FS and RRd 3laps. FS went down by another 0"2 seconds, and his RRd was done with a good SC and pushed him ~170 ranks upwards! Patrick passed 12 players with those PRs alone!
#183 (183) William Lacey is probably on the way to collect more GODs, he got 3 new SC GOD times this half! That's a total of 6 SC GODs, and 38 overall. William played LR and MR flaps and TT 3laps. LR and TT are relatively easy, but MR takes a bit more effort. Will we see a new overall GOD soon?
#340 (340) Lewis Richards sent us two new times on WS and improved his RRy times. Lewis passed 85 players with those PRs and is now member of the TOP400.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014
- February first half - A NEW SHORTCUT?! -
by Chraizy at 9:09 am

Hey guys! It's Chris, and I got some awesome news for you: a new SC has been discovered! If you want to see how it works, check this video out:

And now to the other news ;)!

New Players

Harry Allen joined the site with a full timeset at #412. SC: #296.
Nate Wagner joined the site with 6 course times and flaps. His potential lies somewhere around the TOP500, but currently he is ranked #755. SC: #183.
Tim van Ham. known from MKW and MK7 joined the site with LR, KD and CM dual records. All of them are ranked Elite and mid TOP200, but with only 6 records his rank right now is #761.
Tyler White sent us 14 records and joined the site at #788.

World Records


Daniel Burbank got a new NTSC World Record, not on FS this time ;). No, it was on Moo Moo Farm, where he just improved his own PR to a really crazy level which almost went under the 1'27 PAL barrier! The new time is a 1'12"38 (PAL: 1'27"03)!


We got 2 new SC World Records this half! The first came from Zoran Tintor, who just improved his own RRd flap and beat the old WE: it's now at 1'17"77 (NTSC: 1'04"68)!
But the second WR was definitely more interesting: a new SC has been discovered! Greg Ihnatenko was the discoverer and just fought for the WR with VAJ, In the end he cut 2 seconds of the WR and almost even hit a sub 19 lap. The new record is a 19"09 (NTSC: 15"88) flap!

Non-SC Movement

#12 (12) Greg Ihnatenko got a new CM 3lap (without the SC hehe) and is closing in to Trystan with a small 0.06 AF cut.
#24 (24) Daniel Burbank went crazy this half with a few really strong records, especially his MMF times, which are ranked 4th and 6th respectively! Dan cut a total of 3 AF points and passed 2 players. The next 4 players are very close, so the TOP20 is really close now!
#27 (27) Finn Berger got a small PR on KTB flap and maintained his rank.
#88 (86) Stefan Kok got 7 new records, of which 4 were new Legend times. Stefan improved his ARR to Legend D and passed 6 people to reach the TOP90!
A new TOP100 member appeared! #100 (100) Beck Abney almost destroyed his timeset completely again. 28 PRs helped him to cut 21.5 AF points and reach the Legend F ARR! He passed 20 people, one of them Michael, who just got pushed out of the TOP100. He should better start to play again!
#133 (133) Dan Edeen got 4 new records on MMF and KTB 3laps and MR and SL flaps. His MR flap is looking strong, being a new TOP70 time. The rest looks solid too and he passed 3 people in the progress.
The other Dan, #134 (135) Dan Tarr improved his MMF 3lap and CM dual to cut 1.9 AF points and passed 3 players aswell.
#150 (151) Patrick Blank improved his RRd times. Both are new King B times and helped him to pass 3 people.
#205 (206) Lachlan Young got 5 new records, his LR times look solid and the rest is good aswell. He cut a total of 17 AF points and passed 13 people.
#221 (222) Kyle Begley got 18 new records this half. They weren't very big, but he still cut 24 AF points to pass 26 people! Kyle also reached the Elite A standard.
#234 (231) Patrick Loseth got a new record on DK flap, which came from the low 200s straight to #111! Patrick cut 5 points with that alone and passed 5 players in the progress.
#317 (319) Trent Morgan got 5 new records and improved 2 remaining Semi-Pro times. Trent reached the Elite F standard and passed 15 players.
#340 (339) Chris Porter improved 26 PRs this half, with a few added times, mostly the flaps. He made a huge jump from 625th to 339th with that, so it was definitely worth it to play the flaps! Chris also passed 4 (!) Standards and went from Int B straight to Master B!
#355 (353) Michael Phillips got a complete timesheet this half with 32/32 PRs. All of the missing were added and he passed over 300 people with that! Just like Chris, Michael almost passed 4 standards aswell and went from Int F directly to Pro A! They are not too far apart from eachother, so maybe this could be a good opportunity for a rivalry?
#385 (393) Anna Moon set a small PR on FS 3laps, but didn't gain any AF cuts because of other active people.
#465 (478) Tony Fan got 2 new RRy PRs which are ranked 247th and 380th, so pretty high for his rank. Tony passed 7 players in the progress and is close to the next standard promotion.
#496 (511) Rick Kwasnik got 5 PRs on KD dual, WS 3lap and SL dual, all of them ranked aeound 500th place. He didn't pass anyone since there were a few newcomer and a lot of activity around him.
#507 (523) Adam F Breckner got 25 new records and filled his timeset in which he missed a few times. He got a few stronger times above his level. Adam passed 216 people with a strong 172 AF cut!
#894 (817) Paul Fischer improved his BB times and got an Elite A 3lap and a King B flap! The 3lap is ranked 150th. If all his times would be on this level he would be another TOP100 contender for sure!

SC Movement

#2 (2) Greg Ihnatenko improved his CM flap with the new SC and gained 3 ranks, which resulted into a 0.15 cut.
#4 (49 Zoran Tintor gained 2 new records: CM flap and RRd flap. Both brought him a 0.18 AF cut. He is only 0.3 AF points short for the 3rd spot in SC!
#16 (16) Robert Szabo also hit the new SC on CM, and made a 0.4 seconds cut. Rob is only a few ranks away before he reaches the TOP15!
#22 (22) Brent Wingert got a new double PR on KD and cut 0.5 AF points with it. The TOP20 is only 1 AF point away so a few more improvements should get him there.
#25 (25) Jake Walter improved 4 PRs and cut 1.3 AF points. He didn't pass anyone, but closed the gap to Joe Bernier.
#31 (31) Mark Jones got 5 new records on LR flap. TT and RRy 3laps and TT dual. LR and CM were both new GOD times, the CM time done with the new SC aswell! Mark passed 3 players and almost reached the Legend F ARR.
#65 (65) Beck Abney got 4 new records on FS and CM dual and passed 3 people with a 3.7 AF points cut.
#72 (72) Patrick Blank got double PRs on YV and RRd, where he hit the spiral for the first time! It brought him the double GOD and also a huge AF boost, 5.5 points in total! He passed 7 players and is now a member of the TOP75!
#136 (136) Anthony Caiulo got a small PR on MR flap and maintained his rank.
#147 (147) Paul Fisher got 3 PRs on DK 3lap and YV dual. The YV times are new and the 3lap looks really good being in the low 34 seconds area! Paul cut 10 AF points and passed 17 players.

Friday, February 14, 2014
- POW awards - 3rd quarter 2013 -
by Zoran at 7:07 am

Long time has passed since last POW's, so a lot of awards will be given in the next few days. We start with July 2013:

Week 1
Michael Arends keeps climbing. Michael improved half of his PRs and cut 11% of his AF with it. He also reached King ranks this week.

Week 2
With 10.5% AF cut, Daniel Burbank had a similar improvement like Michael the week before. Daniel passed 12 people this week.

Week 3
Another great week for Daniel Burbank. Cut was a little smaller then in the last week, but he improved 1 more PR then last week - 9.

Week 4
Dan Edeen wins his 1st POW award with some very nice improvements. With 8 new PRs Dan improved his AF by 7% and passed 15 people.

With a very consistent improvement rate, Dan Edeen wins his first POM award. Dan improved 22 PRs and cut almost 20% of his AF. This was enough for him to pass 40 people.

Next is August:

Week 1
With 7 new PRs Jake Walter was the best player this week. All 7 of his times are now in top 100.

Week 2
A very strong week for Stefan Kok. Stefan passed 31 people with 21 new PRs.

Week 3
With 9 new PRs Daniel Burbank keeps improving. Daniel cut another 10% AF this week.

Week 4
Another great week this month for Stefan Kok. Stefan recreated his 2nd week and with another 21 PRs he cut 14% AF.

There is no doubt who is the best player of this month. His name is Stefan Kok who improved almost all of his P Rs and cut almost 1/3 of his AF. In the process Stefan passed 62 people.

And last is September:

Week 1
Ryan Koch wins his 1st POW award this week. He deserved it with 15 new PRs passing 28 people.

Week 2
Jamie White had a very impressive week. With 7 new PRs Jamie climbed from 9th to 8th place in AF rankings.

Week 3
Another 1st time POW winner this month Patrick Blank had a very good week. Patrick improved half of his PRs and passed 33 people with them.

Week 4
Champion and POW leader Matthias Rustemeyer does it again. Matthias improved 5 PRs and got 2 RRy WRs this week.

Ryan Koch made some very nice improvements this month. With 22 new PRs Ryan passed 57 people and cut his AF by almost 20%. While he is closing on top 200 overall, most impressive time he drove was YV lap at #121.

This was a very impressive quarter for Ryan Koch. Ryan improved all of his PRs and cut almost half of his AF. He jumped from #563 to #231 and even got a Legend time on YV lap. Ryan started this quarter as semi-pro D and finished it as elite B.

This is it for the 3rd quarter. The rest of POW awards and missing WR comments will be done by the end of this month.

Monday, February 03, 2014
- January second half - Shortcuuuuuuutz -
by Chraizy at 9:25 am

Hey guys! Chris here with a lot of news. VAJ brought some SC activity to MK64, as you can see in the SC section below!

New Players

Austin Mayer joined the site with a complete timeset at #547 . He is a cousin from Cooper Lovera, so will he be the next worst GOD ever? :)
Adam F Breckner joined the site with 3laps only. His potential lies somewhere between 550 and 600th, but currently he is ranked #739.
Lewis Richards joined the site with a full timeset at #771. SC: #413.

World Records


Matthias Rustemeyer improved his KD 3lap after Michael firstly improved it. Michael brought the KD to the first sub 2'05 PAL, scoring a 2'04"97 (NTSC: 1'43"93) Time! Matthias however just thought: let's try it again. He improved Michaels time by another tenth and it now stands at 2'04"85 (NTSC: 1'43"83)!

Daniel Burbank improved his own FS 3lap by 0.01 seconds. It now stands at 1'40"69 (PAL: 2'01"07)!

Non-SC Movement

Non-SC Time Trial Champ Matthias Rustemeyer improved his KD lap and maintains his AF.
#2 (2) Michael Jongerius played KD aswell, improved Matthias odl WR first but then got kicked back again. He maintains the same AF aswell.
#5 (5) Jamie White improved both FS times, both at the same rank still. As Matthias and MJ, Jamie ALSO remains at the same AF.
The first actual AF cut came from #26 (26) Daniel Burbank who just reported us 9 records. His MMF 3lap and YV flap look sharp and his other records are pretty strong aswell, all ranked around 25th place. Dan cut 2.25 AF points and passed 3 players, one of them being #27 (27) Finn Berger. Finn played some LR and was successful! His first LR PR for quite a long time now, pushes him to 27th place on the flap charts. Finn lost AF though due to Daniels activity.
#66 (66) Jake Walter got 8 new records, with some nice cuts and also a sub 2'03 on FS which brought him a 56th ranked time! Jake cut 1.9 AF points to pass 2 players.
#71 (73) Noah Gordon got a minor cut on WS flap and maintains his rank.
#77 (77) Stacy Needham got a new flap PR on BB flap which is ranked 69th. Unfortunately he lost AF due to the activity from other players.
#92 (92) Stefan Kok made a comeback this half, with a great 24 PR haul. He got many new TOP100 times, and a very strong set of MR PRs, which are ranked around 50th. The 3lap is his first GOD time! He also passed 14 players with a 19 AF cut to become the newest Legend player and also the newest TOP100 member!
#120 (120) Beck Abney just improved his complete timeset, like last time! This guy is on fire, as he sets numerous of great PRs. He reached a few new Legend times and also came very close to his first GOD on MMF and LR flaps, both ranked Legend A. Beck passed exactly 60 players and is now a King B player!
#136 (138) Dan Tarr reported us 2 new TT PRs, both ranked King A and close to the TOP100. Dan passed 1 player with a 1.5 AF cut.
#154 (154) Patrick Blank got 8 new records. All of them were smaller cuts, but they helped him to cut 10 AF points and pass 11 players. He also reached the King C standard!
#237 (239) Patrick Loseth got 15 new records this half, including a few great TOP200 times! He almost destroyed all of his remaining Pro and Master times, and is on course for a 32/32 Elite timeset. His potential lies a bit higher though; as he got some nice King times this half: dual LR Kings, both ranked around 160th. Also KTB King C, RRy flap King C and a few new Elite times. Patrick passed 30 players this half and is now a member of the TOP250!
#247 (248) Kyle Begley improved 21 times this half and passed 19 players with a 17 AF points cut. He got many new Elite times and improved a few times from outside the TOP300 into it. Kyle became an Elite B player this half aswell.
#303 (396) Brent Dennison improved 24 PRs and got some huge cuts! He got many close to TOP300 and TOP300 times, netting him a 52 AF points cut which helped him to pass 57 players! He also jumped a complete standard from Pro A over the Master ranks straight to Elite F!
#330 (334) Trent Morgan got a complete new timeset. He sent 32 PRs, which brought him a giant 91 AF points cut! Trent passed 91 players to become a TOP350 member with a Master A ARR!
#358 (362) Tyler Chambers improved 3 PRs: KD dual and RRd flap. All 3 were small PRs, so he maintained his rank with a 0.3 AF cut.
#360 (365) Corey Attard improved 12 PRs and scored a 29 AF point cut. Corey passed 27 players and a brand new Pro A standard!
#390 (394) Ryan Dunlap improved 29 PRs, with a few really nice times like RRy into the TOP300 both and Elite aswell. Ryan passed 61 players with a 74 AF points cut. His ARR went from Semi Pro D to Pro C!
#460 (465) Justus Gilstrap got 30 new records, all ranked between 260th and 640th. Pretty unbalanced so far, but if he keeps it up, he could get close to the TOP300! Justus passed 135 players with a huge 105 AF cut! He also jumped from Advanced A over the Expert ranks directly to Semi Pro D!
#494 (510) Rick Kwasnik got 4 new records on LR dual, KD and TT flaps. All PRs cut around 50 places, so he got a nice 7.2 AF point cut to pass 7 players! He's not too far away from the TOP500, so if he keeps it up, he can do it.
#541 (567) Sean Bartz just improved 13 records and passed 21 players. He got a few nice PRs in the TOP500 range, so he can definitely get more! Sean improved his ARR from Advanced A to Expert F.
#829 (625) Chris Porter played some more 3laps. 5 to be exact, MMF, KD, WS, SL and BC, all of them ranked between 300th and 400th. Chris cut 5 ranks with a 6 AF points cut.
#835 (681) Michael Phillips got 2 PRs on KD and FS 3laps, both are Elite times and push him 7 spots upwards in the ladder.
#627 (684) Sam Smith got 5 records on MMF and CM dual and KD flap. He passed 13 players and is close to pass Michael. For now he reached the Advanced ranks, but theres definitely more to come!

SC Movement

SC Time Trial Champ Vincent Tolhuis improved his MR flap by 0"01 seconds and reached #2 there. His AF rose to 1.5 again.
#25 (25) Jake Walter got 3 new records on LR and MR 3laps and FS flap. He cut 1.5 AF points and passed 2 players.
#34 (34) Mark Jones got 2 new records on FS flap and YV 3lap. Both went to Legend D level and are ranked 37th and 36th. Mark passed 1 player for the next rank.
#68 (68) Beck Abney got 13 new records on all cups, including some very strong top30 times! His RRd went down by 13 seconds with a successful spiral hit and is now ranked 17th! Beck passed 7 players to reach the TOP70.
#76 (76) Michael Arends got 3 new records on TT dual and RRd flap. The 3lap is a new GOD time and also ranked 27th. Michael cut 1.8 AF point and passed one player. One more and he will reach the TOP75!
#79 (79) Patrick Blank improved 8 PRs and passed 10 players with a 10.8 AF point cut. He is close to a rank promotion in ARR so keep it up!
#95 (95) Patrick Loseth got the KD SC for the first time and sent us his first successful SC times. He also sent in a RRd SC 3lap, getting the SC and passing a few players. Patrick passed 3 players and is closing in to the TOP90.
#136 (136) Anthony Caiulo played the MR SC flap and improved by ~0.2 seconds. He passed 12 players here and got an AF cut of 0.3 points.
#164 (164) Paul Fisher got 3 new records on FS dual and DK 3lap. The FS times were new entries for him and placed him close to the TOP100 for the 3lap and close to the TOP200 on the flap. His DK 3lap went down to sub 30, and is ranked 26th!
#299 (299) Rick Kwasnik played some more RRd this half and improved the flap significantly by 9 seconds. It's ranked 68th and Legend C. Rick passed 46 players and is now in the TOP300!
#422 (422) Sam Smith got a new RRy 3lap and maintains his current rank.

Friday, January 17, 2014
- January 1st Half - A new year, new goals! -
by Chraizy at 11:40 am

Hey guys, it's Chris! It's time for the next year, and also new faces, records and maybe some changes at the TOP? Well, let's see what happened in the first half of the new month.

New Players

Daniel Chancey III joined the site with a full timeset at #482.
Justus Gilstrap also joined with a full set and joined a bit lower at #600.

World Records


Matthias Rustemeyer improved 2 of his own WRs, both were ties. He untied first VAJ on RRy flap, with a 0"04 cut he reached a new time of 55"71 (NTSC: 46"33)!
The second one was a mini 0"01 cut on MR 3lap, were he untied MJ. Side note: this was MJs last WR, this is probably the first time since he got his first WR where he doesn't hold a WR! The new time is 1'27"96 (NTSC: 1'13"15)!
Jamie White also improved one of his own records. His LR NTSC 3lap record got improved by a few hundreths, and is now at 1'38"49 (PAL: 1'58"42)!

Non-SC Movement

Non-SC Time Trial Champ Matthias Rustemeyer improved his own two world records, see the WR setion. He didn't cut any AF though, so no change.
#4 (4) Zoran Tintor improved 4 PRs, one of them is LR flap at 37"65 (31"31) which was briefly the WR. He cut a total of 0.5 AF points and is now in the 5 AF point range again! He also distanced himself from #5 (5) Jamie White who got some improvements too. 3 cuts on LR, FS and MR 3laps helped him to cut 0.1 AF points. His AF is now at 6.6, so he still got to improve a few PRs to reach Zoran.
#12 (12) Greg Ihnatenko improved his MR flap by 0"02 seconds. It was one of the flaps he tied a few weeks ago, and he finally PRed here. Greg passed Jeff and is now 12th in AF!
#28 (29) Daniel Burbank improved 3 PRs this half and passed me for the next spot. Daniel cut 0.6 AF points and is not too far away from the TOP25.
#68 (68) Jake Walter got 4 PRs on TT and BC 3lap and RRy dual. Only some mini cuts, though his TT 3lap went sub 3'02 PAL.
#71 (73) Noah Gordon improved 6 PRs and got a 3 AF points cut. He passed 3 players and is now part of the TOP75! Noah got a few nice new times, Legend B and A times, RRd times got well into the TOP100 and a nice ARR cut.
#78 (77) Stacy Needham improved his WS times by a good margin. The 3lap is a new Legend time and he cut 1.4 AF points. He passed Andreas Rudmarker in AF and is only a few points away from the TOP75.
#82 (83) Stephen Meakings got 4 PRs and cut 1 AF point. He passed 2 players and comes closer to the next rank promotion.
#99 (100) Michael Arends improved his SL times again; getting them higher and higher. His 3lap is already 12th and his highest ranked non-sc time by far!
#163 (165) Patrick Blank got 15 new records, mainly double PRs, which resulted in a 22 AF points cut. He passed 23 players and left the King F ranks to join the next level of King D! His best times this time are MMF again, both landed close to the TOP100. Can he push them more?
#178 (180) Beck Abney got a complete new timesheet again. He just destroyed everything and even reached a Legend C time! It was on MMF, which is also his first TOP100. Beck passed 18 players with a healthy 24 AF points cut. He also reached the King D ranks, like Patrick.
#264 (201) Shanz Hatt improved 8 PRs, one of them was a time he hadn't before. A new time for WS 3lap where he reached Elite B with his first submission. Shanz got a really strong LR 3lap for his level, ranked 41st and Legend B! He passed 21 players with his new times, and also reached Elite A!
#219 (220) Lachlan Young improved both of his MMF times, 2 new King times which helped his ARR to reach the Elite A ranks. Lachlan cut 7 AF points and passed 5 players.
#383 (391) Anna Moon improved her LR times. Both went down by a few ranks and resulted in a 2.1 AF points cut that made her pass Corey Attard.
#504 (519) Michael Kwasnik improved 22 PRs over all cups. They helped him to cut 42 AF points and pass 53 players in total.
#828 (630) Chris Porter got 10 new records, all of them 3lap PRs, which resulted in an 20 AF point cut. He passed 23 players and reached the TOP650! He also reached the Intermediate B ranks, but he is also missing some times.

SC Movement

#75 (75) Beck Abney got a complete new timesheet in SC aswell! This is ridiculous! A 54/54 PR session is not something you see everyday. He passed 38 players, and also hit the KD SC for the first time. He got both LR, and YV flap GODs, so he is now at a total of 4 GODs.
#77 (77) Michael Arends got 3 new records in SC this half on WS 3lap and DK dual. He comes closer to the next standard and passed 2 players in the AF ranks.
#89 (89) Patrick Blank got 12 new records which resulted in a 28 AF points cut. He passed 41 ranks and successfully joined the TOP100!

Older news can be viewed in the news archives