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Last updated: November 24th 2015

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015
- Registration form for Solingen 2016 -
by Chraizy at 3:36 pm

Hey guys,

Matthias here with an important announcement, especially for everyone who wants to attend the European meet next year. As you've read in the news title, the championships will be held in Solingen (Germany) again, from 26th to 31st of July.
To reduce surprising cancellations and to prevent resulting money issues in terms of rent costs for the venue, you must register in written form from now on to become accepted participant of next year's MK64 meet. VAJ and I, as main organisers, have created a special e-mail account you can send related questions to if something is unclear. Of course you can also use our forum topic dedicated to the meet and ask there.
The main purposes for are the registration form and a new Twitch channel on which you'll find a link to download the document. Once filled in, send it back to us so that we can note you down as attendee or answer crucial concerns about your preparation first. Much information including location of the venue, rough schedule, equipment and costs are covered with this registration form, so visit and check the info box or panel below the stream window where the 2016 action will be broadcasted live.

We hope to see many of you again there and always welcome new people!

MK64 host team

- November first half - No chance for the bad ones. -
by Chraizy at 3:32 pm

Hello, it's Chris here with the news. First of all: everything in time again! Second, we have a serious new contender: Beck Abney. Yes, this guy is that good that he needs to be mentioned. If you haven't heard or read from him yet, you really missed something. He is going to become the universal #2 soon, and this after around 2 years of pbeing on our site. This is just insane... You will see what happened in the following news!

New Players

Aljoscha Schneider joined our site with a complete timeset. His times are ranked between 320th and 720th, so there's quite a bit potential left. He debuted at #448.
Jason Amyot also sent us 32 times for Non-SC rankings and starts at #522.

World Records


Beck Abney hit, after tying KD 3lap last month a few more improvements here. His latest submission bested the old WR from last time by half a second! The new time is a 2'04"35 (NTSC: 1'43"42)!

Non-SC Movement

MK64 Non-SC Time Trial Champ Matthias Rustemeyer was active and tried to beat Becks KD run, instead the tied WR has been untied in favor of Beck. Matthias is chasing it though, and it'll be tough to get it back.
#3 (4) Beck Abney had another superb start of the month with 9 different PRs and his KD WR improvement. He got a few really nice times, especially his WS 3lap, which is ranked 3rd. His best split could give him WR though, so let's see what will happen there. In the WRL, Beck has passed Vincent for the 3rd spot! The TOP3 in NON-SC has been unchanged for so long, and now it has happened! Beck has also passed Zoran in the AF charts, being 4th behind VAJ there. 0.6 points lie between them, and MJ is 1.4 AF points in front.
#6 (6) Daniel Burbank set a strong WS dual time aswell, with 2 4th ranked times. His 3lap may have been beaten by Beck, but he got the flap win here. He also PRd on DK 3lap, but no rank change. Dan cut 0.2 AF points and came closer to Zoran.
#7 (7) William Lacey made a surprise comeback to WS aswell, chopping 0.06 seconds off of his old flap. He got passed by Dan though, so he even lost a rank! That's no good motivation to lose a rank with a PR. But this dude will surely come back again and show them who's the boss!
#9 (8) Daniel Lunczer got a MMF 3lap PR and was able to bypass the 1'27 barrier for a nice 8th ranked time here! Dan is 1.2 points away from William, but a few nice cuts of his weaker PRs could give him a nice AF boost.
#13 (13) Greg Ihnatenko played LR and got a dual PR here. His flap saw a 0"04 cut and made him pass 7 people here. The 3lap cut 0"14 seconds and passed 5 people. Greg cut 0.4 seconds and came closer to Marcelo.
#24 (24) Michael Arends left KD and moved on to another track. RRd was the new target, and he eagerly beat his 3lap several times! In the end he cut over 1.7 seconds to pass 22 players in the charts for a nice new TOP30 time. Will he grind even more on this course? Or is the length of it just to tiring? We will see... we had a lot of surprises from Michael already, wouldn't wonder me if he could get a strong time here aswell!
#42 (41) Patrick Blank got 6 new records. His CM times were nice and almost reached the GOD time. On RRy 3lap though he was able to hit it, a 42nd ranked 3lap GOD. His MMF and KTB flap also saw nice cuts. Paddy passed 2 players with a 3.2 AF point cut. He sits close behind Andreas, and even closer behind the Legend+ rank. Come on Paddy!
#56 (54) Leif Christian Tode hit 3 PRs on KD 3lap and DK dual. He got a few nice times and also hit the DK flap GOD while he was at it! Leif passed 2 players in the WRL list. His ARR improved to Legend A and he is close behind Nicola, the Italian Champ in the WRL.
#57 (56) Jake Walter is one spot behind and managed a new RRy 3lap PR. His small 0.12 cut was enough to pass 2 players in AF. In the WRL however he lost a spot due to fluctuation in the 3lap/flap charts.
#64 (62) Darius Austin shows a sign of life with a new dual PR for FS. His 3lap went into the TOP100 with a neat 0"6 seconds cut. His flap missed the TOP100 slightly, but reached the Legend C rank. Darius passed Steven in the AF charts with a 1.5 AF point cut.
#65 (64) David Moll is a bit behind Darius, but catched up with a bigger 2.8 AF cut. PRs like TT and RRy dual helped him to close the AF gap. But also his BC flap, which is a new GOD by the way, helped him, It's ranked 41st and is a pretty good time, as it's a pretty technical flap.
#67 (66) Frankie Morgan made a dual PR on LR this half and got a really nice 3lap ranked 64th. His flap has improved by 0"05 seconds and passed 17 players. Frankie passed 2 players in AF and WRL with a 1.5 AF cut.
#90 (89) Brent Wingert got a dual RRd PR and came closer to the big sub. Brent improved his RRd flap by 18 spots and gained a 0.5 cut in total. He passed one player in the progress.
#99 (101) Kyle Begley entered the TOP100 this month with 6 PRs! He might not be TOP100 in AF, but his total score was enough to push him into the WRL TOP100! Kyle got 2 new TOP100s on MR flap and YV 3lap. He passed 2 players in AF with a 2.3 AF point cut, and a 0.3 cut would make him an AF TOP100 member aswell!
#136 (136) Lewis Richards scored 4 PRs this time, with a new BC 3lap King time. Lewis passed 2 players with a 2.6 AF cut, and also came closer to a rank promotion to King A! I remember him being proud about his first King and Legend times, it's been a while now, but he became really a lot better, great job!
#139 (137) James Farrell-Shaw improved half of his timeset with 16 new PRs acroos all cups. James passed 13 players with a 10.4 AF cut. He eliminated a Elite time, scored a new Legend and also a new GOD time on RRy flap! Nicely done!
#152 (153) Anastasia Steingold got 3 new 3lap PRs on KTB, RRy and YV. She cut 1.03 AF points and passed one player. Stacy got a new controller and is testing it currently, so let's see if she will have more success with it.
#300 (305) Martin Wille scored 24 new records, with many new Elite times! His ARR improved from Master C to Elite D with all those new times, and his AF rose by 64 points, making him pass 66 players! His CM and BB times really outstand from his latest PRs, all are ranked aound 250th range.
#329 (334) Ben Stoneman scored 20 new records this half with a few strong times. His BB 3lap is really strong aswell, but the rest is not bad though. His MR is still out of the TOP500, so maybe a nice target to go for next time. Ben passed 41 players with a 40.5 AF cut and reached the Elite F ARR rank! He is not too far away from the next step, the TOP300. Let's see how long he will need for it.
#432 (424) Andre Hoelscher is another active german player this time, allthough you don't hear much about him normally. He surprised us with 16 new records for the start of November, mainly focusing on the first two cups. His strongest times were KD dual, ranked 304th and 293rd, MR 3lap ranked 298th and RRd flap at 261st! Andre passed 92 players with a huge 95 AF points cut! His ARR also improve drastically by over 1 standard, from Semi Pro F to Pro C, well done!
#889 (903) Adam Farrell-Shaw sent us 14 new times, 10 of them are new submissions. He rose 52 ranks with them, and was able to come very close to the TOP900. His ARR improved to Beginner C, and more is coming definitely soon!

SC Movement

#5 (5) Beck Abney improved 6 of his PRs this time, with 4 new TOP10s on FS 3lap, MR, WS and DK flaps. He also improved TT dual, and all in all he cut 1.2 AF points. The Universal AF is coming closer and closer to Zoran, only 0.4 points missing!
#10 (11) Daniel Lunczer was able to hit the WRL TOP10 in SC this time! Dan posted 8 new records, one of them is a new LR SC 3lap, which is ranked 2nd and barely beats the german record held by Alex here! Dan cut 5.5 AF points with an improvement of his weakest times, WS. The 3lap can still see a massive cut, and if he brings it to the potential of his other tracks he could easily compete in the mid TOP10! Come on Dan :)!
#54 (59) Patrick Blank sent us a KD SC flap which subbed 39 seconds and almost hits the TOP20! He passed 1 player and secured his TOP60 position.
#65 (62) Michael Arends also sent us a KD flap, ranked 16th and reaching the GOD time here! Michael passed one player aswell and is close behind Paddy.
#162 (178) Tyler Chambers sent us a single RRd flap time to jump up 2 spots with a 1.6 AF point cut.
#179 (197) Ben Plath sent in 4 times for WS flap, DK dual and YV 3lap. A few nice big improvements have been done, and resulted into a nice 11 point cut, which helped him to pass 26 players!
#204 (203) James Farrell-Shaw played TT and got a dual PR on it. He brought both times into the TOP200, he also sent us a missing time for DK flap, which debuted at rank #227. He passed 11 players and barely missed the chance to occupy a TOP200 spot.

That's it for now. Join me again at the start of December for the rest of November!


Tuesday, November 10, 2015
- POW updates -
by Zoran at 10:37 am

Promised rewards will be done soon so let's try to keep that.

We stopped on February :

Week 1
Tim van Ham made a nice cut this week. Tim tried to get rid of some Elite times and he successfully did it cutting 8% of his AF and passing 11 people.

Week 2
Daniel Burbank also doesn't show signs of stopping. With 7 new PRs, Dan cut 9.5% AF. Most impressive of his PRs was FS 3lap which resulted in a new WR.

Week 3
MKDD legend Andreas Rudmarker showed some great MK64 skill again. Andreas cut 13% AF with as many PRs getting 3 GOD times.

Week 4
Andreas Rudmarker wins another POW award. Same as last week he cut 13%AF, this time with 10 press half of which were God. Top 50 is close.

Passed 24 people with as many PRs, cut 30% of his AF and reached many new GOD times. His name is Andreas Rudmarker and he is responsible for this great improvements which earn him this POM award.

March is next :

Week 1
He joined the site less then 2 weeks ago and we already see some amazing progress from him. His name is Leif Christian Tode and he improved all of his non-sc PRs cutting over 1/3 of his AF and jumping from #428 to #264. How high can Leif go?

Week 2
Another new player Cole Horan made some nice improvements. He improved 27 PRs, almost all of them into Elite ranks with 2 King times. He cut 20% AF and passed 82 people. Same question as for Leif.

Week 3
Leif Christian Tode had another great week. This time Leif passed 50 people with 17 new PRs cutting 17.5% AF.

Week 4
James Farrell-Shaw is another relatively new player. He almost copied Leif's improvement from last week cutting 17%AF and passing 57 people. He did all this with 25 new PRs.

A lot of newer players made a big impact this month and best of them was Leif Christian Tode who cut his AF by almost 50%. He improved all of his PRs into at least Elite rank and passed 213 people. Looks like Germany got another strong member.

A lot of improvements across the rankings in this very active quarter. Best of all was Andreas Rudmarker who cut 40% of his AF with 27 new PRS. He started the year with 2 GOD times and by the end of the quarter he added 11 more to his collection. Andreas passed 33 people and made it into top 50. Can he reach overall GOD?


Week 1
James Farrell-Shaw continues to rise in the rankings. With 26 new PRs this week, James reached King ranks and passed 34 people.

Week 2
Leif Christian Tode passed his rival James this week. He improved 28 PRs and cut 24% AF. He passed 46 people and is approaching top 100 fast.

Week 3
Best player this week was Naveen Selvam. He drove 10 new PRs and passed 15 people now at #135.

Week 4
Leif Christian Tode is in action once again. 23 new PRs this time passing 27 people and adding some more Legend times to his name.

There is no doubt about the winner this month. Same as last month Leif Christian Tode wins this award. He improved all of his PR except LR lap. Leif cut his AF by 1/3 and passed 72 people. All of his times are now at least King level.


Week 1
Josh McCambridge is another player in #130 to #150 territory on the rise. He got 11 new PRs and passed 13 people with 7% AF cut.

Week 2
A big collection of small PRs for Beck Abney. With 11 new PRs Beck cut just over 6% of his AF this week.

Week 3
Another great week for James Farrell-Shaw . He used the same formula as Beck last week, a lot of small cuts. With 14 new PRs James is now #176 in the world.

Week 4
Matthias Rustemeyer wins a POW award after a long time. He and Dan clashed once again, this time on FS 3lap and Matthias came out as winner. Can Matthias hold it?

It was a close battle, but James Farrell-Shaw takes this POM in the end. With 27 new PRs he cut 14% of his AF and passed 28 people. James also added 5 SC PRs to his new non-sc collection.

Last month in this update is June:

Week 1
It was a very busy week for Daniel Burbank. With 6 new PRs Dan cut almost 10% of his AF and entered top 5.

Week 2
Josh McCambridge is on the rise again. This week he drove 10 new PRs getting more legend times any getting close to that rank overall.

Week 3
Naveen Selvam made sure Josh doesn't pass him. With 11 new PRs he passed 8 people and reached overall Legend rank.

Week 4
Another amazing week for Daniel Burbank . This time with 9 new PRs Dan cut 7% AF.

This month Daniel Burbank was on the same pace he was for the last 2 years. With 17 PRs Dan cut 17% AF and entered top 5 in the world. Dan also improved his FS lap WR even more. There is a big gap to #4 but i'm sure Dan can make it.

Huge battle between several players this quarter. Usually i mention only 1 person in this section, but when you take in account position on the rankings and AF cut percentage, we can say that Naveen Selvam, Leif Christian Tode and James Farrell-Shaw had almost an identical progress. The award goes to Naveen Selvam who ended this quarter as the highest ranked player out of 3 at #101 just missing top 100. However he did get overall Legend status with his 27 new PRs. Naveen cut 33.5% of his AF and passed 56 people, but most impressive thing he did this quarter was a GOD time on MR 3lap. Amazing progress by all 3 players, keep up the good work guys.

This is it for now, expect the rest of POWs soon.

Tuesday, November 03, 2015
- Big October Update - finally online again! -
by Chraizy at 12:48 pm

Hey guys, it's Chris. My computer was disconnected from the internet in the middle of the month, so there was no opportunity to write the news. However, we have a big October update now, so let's see what happened:

New Players

Mike Tontillo sent us a full timeset and joined us at #392.
Jacob Deitchley joined the Non-SC side of MK64 with a full timeset this month. He starts at #631.
Ben Plath sent us 20 times from all cups, with a complete Mushroom Cup timeset though. He debuts at #902. SC: #223.

World Records


Matthias Rustemeyer achieved 3 new WRs this month. All of them were super strong ones. The first he beat was FS flap, which was originally held by Dan. Matthias had an incredible lap here, and cut a total of 0"2 seconds (!) of his old time and stands now at 38"29 (NTSC: 31"84)!
The next was MMF 3lap, which was a lot of struggle for him, as Thomas pushed this one even further down. He not only missed a few sub chances, but also failed a few WR attempts at the very last MT, which must have felt really bad. However, in the end he was able to beat it and the new WR is a 1'26"14 (NTSC: 1"11"64)!
The last WR was held by VAJ on DK flap, where he recently got the super strong 42"28. Matthias got a really lucky last shroom in one promising run and was able to barely beat it to a 42"26 (NTSC: 35"15)!
But we also had a new WR from our rising star Beck Abney. He achieved a new WR on KD 3lap. It's his first WR on the Non-SC side, so this is definitely something special for him! The new time is a 2'04"84 (NTSC: 1'43"83**)!!


Beck Abney played some KD flap this month and was able to improve his own PR not only to a sub 38, but also bested the old WR which was already considered incredible strong! The new time here is a 37"84 (NTSC: 31"47)!

Non-SC Movement

MK64 Non-SC Time Trial Champ Matthias Rustemeyer scored 3 new WRs as already mentioned and was able to come closer to the perfect 1.000 AF. Becks WR could have pushed him one point down again, but it's a NTSC tie so he didn't lose it. His AF is at 1.062 right now, only MMF flap and MR flap missing.
#3 (3) Vincent Tolhuis made a nice cut on DK 3lap with a sub 2'14 PAL and passed 2 players here for a new TOP5 position! Vincent lost lots of AF due to #4 (5) Beck Abneys insane rampage. Just... just imagine how hard it is to PR in the TOP10. He sent us a complete new timeset (yes, this is no joke, 32/32 PRs) for the month October and got a new WR, his first one aswell!! Beck is unstoppable right now, With 6 rank positions gained and being #4 on the WRL, this is a seriously treatment for every TOP3 member right now. Beck passed 6 players in AF aswell, but still sits 0.5 points behind Zoran. However, with his massive impact he made everyone around him lose 0.1-0.7 AF points! Beck himself got a 5.9 AF cut, which is a 52% cut of his total AF! A few notable PRs were within this submission, but the one that caught my eye the most was the DK flap. It has been lowered recently, but Beck just got a 42"35 himself, which is so close when you think how new this WR is! Keep it up Beck, maybe you are the one who will have this shining *1* in front of his name someday :).
#5 (4) Zoran Tintor made 2 new PRs on KTB flap and TT 3lap. The 0"01 cut on KTB made him gain 3 positions! He lost a rank on TT even though he got an improvement here. Zoran was affected by Beck and lost over 0.2 points and slipped over 5 points again.
Right behind we have #6 (6) Daniel Burbank who scored 5 new records this month. He gained ranks with DK 3lap and BB flap, where he subbed 41 seconds. The other PRs are either ranked the same or lost a spot due to the impact. However, Dan was playing his strongest track, FS and gained a double PR here. His flap went down 4 hundreths to a 38"30. It's close and missed Matthias by 0"01 seconds. Sadly this is no NTSC tie, but I think Dan wouldn't be happy with that anyway. Dan lost 0.47 points due to Beck, but isn't too far away from him. Keep it up Dan!
Our other Dan, #9 (8) Daniel Lunczer scored dual MMF, KD and MR 3lap PRs. MMF 3lap saw a new single digit rank, and the flap barely reached the sub 28. KD cut one rank with a decent 0.08 seconds cut, but he lost a spot on MR. All in all he lost a WRL spot, but since he lost less AF than Jamie (who was only 0.03 in front him) he was able to secure the #8 in the AF charts, even though he got passed!
#15 (15) Jeffrey Gutierrez made a comeback to MK64 this month, with his first PR in a looong while! He improved his BB flap time by 0"05 seconds and cut 5 ranks here. He achieved a new TOP10 with it, but still lost AF due to Beck. He's not too far away from Trystan though, so let's see if he keeps playing.
#22 (21) Marcos Vinicius Alves is another pretty strong player who is just getting better and better. He achieved a double #9 on FS and otherwise got 6 PRs which are ranging from 21st to 28th. Marcos passed one player and got a 2.8 AF points cut. He's actually the first person after Beck who had a positive AF cut to report.
2 ranks down, we have #24 (24) Michael Arends got 2 PRs. One was on KTB 3lap, were he erased a old non TOP50 time and improved it into the TOP40, being 33rd now. The more impressive time was KD flap, were he not only got a sub 39"3 flap, but also a new TOP10, to be exact a 7th ranked time! Pretty strong huh? I feel like Michael is slowly progressing, but he is taking his time, so if he keeps it up for every course he will definitely be a top contender soon aswell!
#44 (43) Patrick Blank improved 15 PRs this month, with 4 new GOD times on KTB, KD, DK 3laps and BC flap. He got 2 new TOP30 times on RRy and DK flap, where his DK is ranked 23rd and shows serious material for more of those kind of times! Patricks ARR has been pushed quite a lot with those PRs, but he sits only a few points short in front of the rank Promotion to Legend +. Will Patrick get it with the next update?
#56 (58) Jake Walter improved his TT 3lap by a few tenths and scored a 71st ranked time here. It is a new Legend C time for him and moved him closer to the next rank promotion aswell, even though it's a bit further away for him than for Patrick. #58 (54) Leif Christian Tode played a lot this month and improved 26 times across all cups. He got 9 new GOD times in total, and many new lower ranked Legend times. He cut 15 AF points in total and passed 14 players. He is close to the AF TOP50, only 2 AF points between them.
#67 (65) David Moll scored 9 PRs himself, many of them are close to TOP50. His FS lap looks sharp and is 45th ranked, very close to the GOD time! Speaking of them, David achieved 3 new ones on KD flap, MR 3lap and SL 3lap. David passed 4 players with a 3.4 AF points cut and also reached the Legend B standard this month!
#69 (68) Frankie Morgan got a double PR on LR and CM and got 3 new TOP100 times out of them. His LR flap has passed the GOD standard and is a new one for him! The other 3 times are new Legend times. Frankie passed 7 players and comfortably reached the TOP70 with his 7.1 AF point cut.
#89 (88) Patrick Hewson is back after a long time with a new SL flap PR! It has been a while since we saw a PR submission from him, but here he goes with a 0"05 cut on the flap, passing 6 players on the ranking there and achieving a new Legend C time!
#90 (90) Brent Wingert set a new double PR on DK and scored a decent cut of 0.7 AF points to pass 2 players and reach the TOP90! His DK flap is a new TOP100 and has reached the Legend B standard.
#102 (103) Kyle Begley got 18 new records this month across all cups and got 7 new TOP100 times. Kyle got many new Legend times which resulted into a rank promotion to Legend F! Kyle is also very close to the AF TOP100, only 3 points away from pushing Brett out of it. Kyle passed 8 players with a nice 13.5 AF point cut, so the next update should be the TOP100 one for him. Keep it up!
#138 (141) Lewis Richards got 4 new PRs on 4 3laps. He erased two old Elite times, and only his BC 3lap is an Elite A time now. He PRd here aswell, but it wasn't enough for the cut. Lewis passed 4 players with a 1.8 AF cut and came one step closer to the King A ranks in ARR.
#151 (150) James Farrell-Shaw improved 13 records this month, with a few stronger times and a new Legend D 3lap on MMF which is also a TOP100 time. James passed 9 players and made it into the TOP150 in AF, he still needs one spot in the WRL though.
#154 (154) Anastasia Steingold PRd 11 times in October and made a few decent cuts across all the cups. The main focus was on the Mush Cup times, a solid dual MMF and KD PRs got her a few nice cuts. But also the other 7 PRs weren't too small, her BB went from 180th to 139th, and is a new King B time. Stacy passed 6 players with a solid 6.7 AF cut and misses only 4 spots for the TOP150.
#162 (165) Anna Moon got 17 new records, 2 Elite times have been demolished. 2 Elite times are left in her Non-SC timeset aswell, so this is probably the next goal she has. Anna improved 11.5 AF points and passed 14 players, her rank also improved to King C!
#312 (313) Ryan Dunlap improved 8 records and got a 8.5 AF point cut. He passed 8 players and was able to get a few new TOP300 times. A few spots behind we have #314 (322) Mark Vizza who got 8 PRs aswell but with a smaller 4.3 AF point cut. He passed 5 players and comes closer to the TOP300.
#361 (356) Nathan Truchan got 6 PRs this month and got a nice 13 AF point cut. He passed 16 players and comes closer to the TOP350. He got 4 new Elite times and erased 2 Semi-Pros with it. Nathans ARR also improved from Master D to Master B!
#369 (375) Ben Stoneman got 28 new records this month ranging from #309 to #567. He managed to achieve a lot of Elite times and a lot of close to TOP300 times, but his timeset is still unbalanced and there's still a lot of potential left. Ben recently took the MKDS PRB #1 spot and is now tied there as new champ. His abilities might be useful for this game if he keeps it up here!
#568 (593) Nicolas Goupil scored 11 new records for a 12.6 AF points cut and passed 21 players for a comfortable entry into the TOP600! His ARR also improved to Expert D!
#931 (955) Adam Farrell-Shaw sent us 4 times for MR and WS dual and improved his MMF lap time. He passed 20 players with those times and he got his first TOP800 time.

SC Movement

#5 (5) Beck Abney got 3 new PRs, one of them as already mentioned is a WR. he improved 5 ranks in total and cut 0.22 AF points. He still faces a 1.6 AF gap to Karlo, but the AF graveyard lies almost completely behind him.
#11 (11) Jake Walter got 4 new PRs on LR 3lap, KD flap and MR dual and got only a few smaller cuts. He still cut 0.11 AF points and closed the gap to TOP10 member Ben Miller.
#14 (14) Daniel Lunczer raced a new MR 3lap time. It reached the TOP10, but was also his 17th SC GOD time! Dan is closing in to Matthias with a little 0.11 AF cut, and another 0.5 would be needed to make it happen. Dan is currently germanys #2 in Non-SC and #3 in SC, so passing Matthias would secure him a double #2.
#32 (33) Marcos Vinicius Alves sent us a new CM 3lap and MR flap time. Both cut a significant amount of ranks and time, and he cut 1.5 AF points with it. It was a bit too small as he happened to miss Samis position by exactly one rank! So the next update should make him get the #32 spot.
#55 (60) Patrick Blank scored two new times on CM and RR flap, both gaining a few ranks. RRy was a new TOP100 and a new King time. Paddy got a 1.2 AF cut, but is 0.2 behind the next rank.
#65 (63) Michael Arends was able to hit the KD flap SC for the first time and hit a great sub 39 flap! He passed 4 players with that alone with a 2 AF points cut and closes in to the TOP60.
# (75) Daniel Burbank got a new MR dual time, with a actual 3/3 proper SC run, which made him cut over 130 ranks! He almost reached the GOD on the 3lap aswell, but for now he got a 5.8 AF points cut and passed 7 players.
#144 (152) Jacob Deitchley scored 19 times and sent them in. Only missing now is KD, but as it's one of the hardest SCs it's no surprise. Jacob passed 251 players with a 80 AF points cut! He already got a few TOP100 times here, and also a King D time on RRy flap! He missed the TOP150 by a very small amount, so another PR here or there should make it.
#219 (214) James Farrell-Shaw sent us a new time for FS 3lap, which made him cut 5 ranks. He passed one player in the progress.

That's it for this time. Will Beck be the next person to beat MJ? Will VAJ make it before Beck? Is Dan able to get the USA crown back? Will Matthias ever reach 32/32 WRs? What will David cook at the next MK64 meet? Is Jeffrey going to do a serious comeback? Questions over questions...

But to find that out, we have to wait. So see ya next time!


Friday, October 02, 2015
- September 2nd half - late night updating :^) -
by Chraizy at 8:21 pm

Hello guys! It's a bit late here but I just came home and had to finish the news now! Let's see what happened!

New Players

Jacob Deitchley joined the Non-SC site this half and starts his journey with 32 times at #689.
Matt Brennan debuts with 12 times and mainly Elite times (TOP300ish) and is now ranked 703rd. With a complete timeset he would probably be around the 300-350 ranks. SC: #151.
B.J. Duncan joins our site with a complete set of times and debuted at #973.

World Records


Matthias Rustemeyer hit a new world record on MR, an improvement of his own 3lap time. He unties Dan and improves the lead by 0"07 to a 1'27"89 (NTSC: 1'13"10)!

Vincent Tolhuis had a go on DK flap with the Lacey strat. He had huge success, as he improved the old WR by 0"11 seconds! A huge lead here now, and you can say that this is a insanely strong flap! The new time is a 42"28 (NTSC: 35"16)!!

But another player, Thomas Jordet Larsen to be exact, had an impact on the WRs aswell. He improved his MMF 3lap by yet another 0"2 seconds and brings it closer to the sub. The new time is a 1'26"19 (NTSC: 1'11"68)!

Non-SC Movement

MK64 Non-SC Time Trial Champ Matthias Rustemeyer sets a new MR 3lap World Record on MR (MR on MR, eh?). His AF decreases by 0"06 points though, as he got passed by two persons.
#3 (3) Vincent Tolhuis had a go at DK flap and set an astounding WR here! This one will be hard for anyone to beat. not only Matthias, but even Lacey will probably struggle to get there. Vince improved his AF by 0.09 points and is so close to be the third person with a sub 4 AF.
#8 (8) Daniel Lunczer is still improving. 4 new PRs helped him to cut 0.16 AF points and therefore land exactly one rank behind Jamie! This means with the next update he will be 7th, unless AF fluctuation doesn't want him to pass Jamie :^)! However, he improved his KTB and KD 3laps and his WS dual. The WS flap saw a new TOP10 time and KD is now a sub 2'06!
#9 (10) Thomas Jordet Larsen improved as already mentioned his MMF 3lap time. Apart from that he also had his hands at MR 3lap, which saw a slight improvement to a TOP15 time. One spot behind we have #10 (11) Beck Abney, who had a massive PR streak. 22 new records, of which 6 are new TOP10 times helped him to pass Greg and Marcelo for the 11th spot. A total cut of 2.2 AF points (16% of his AF!) helped him to get so close to the TOP10. If he and Thomas get a similar cut next time we won't have Karlo in the TOP10 anymore! How the rankings changed... well. Beck had a few really strong times, like an even better DK 3lap still at 3rd, but in the lower 2'13"5 area now. His RRy 3lap looks sharp aswell at 6th place and it gave him a nice boost. Beck is on a safe travel to the TOP10 in my opinion, the question is only, when? When will he enter it? If you take the progress of this half he will surely get it next time, but we will see!
#23 (22) Marcos Vinicius Alves is also on his way to the TOP, in his case it's the TOP20 he is going for at the moment. A strong MR 3lap this half gave him his very first Non-SC TOP10 time! But apart from that we saw massive cuts on DK (51st to 24th) and RRd 3lap (41st to 27th) and a smaller cut on the flap (32nd to 25th). Marcos cut 1.6 AF points and passed Eddie for the 22nd spot.
#24 (26) Michael Arends had a go at KD flap, which he improved by 0"07 seconds. It's a new TOP15 time. But the other time, SL flap... it almost went sub 38 PAL and is a TOP5 time! Not many people have reached a dual TOP10, in this case even a dual TOP5 outside the TOP20! Let's say he's a course specialist for this one, but he surely got the hang of it! Michael passed Cooper with a 0.5 AF cut and stands with one foot in the TOP25 (as the next spot is only 0.12 AF points away!).
#41 (40) Andreas Rudmarker hits 6 new records this half on KD 3lap, SL and BC dual and YV flap. He puts some good effort into the flaps, reaching the BC flap GOD with a 42nd ranked lap. His KD 3lap looks sharper and gets closer to the sub 2'07. Andreas passed Tim E. and Robert S. for the TOP40 spot with a 2.8 point cut. The next few ranks are close together, a similar cut could easily bring him the TOP35 position! Keep it up :)
#49 (47) Lenny Gutierrez made a suprising comeback to MK64 with 11 improvements of weaker and stronger times. The most notable records are his LR times, which are ranked 20th and 21st. He achieved 2 new GOD times and passed 10 players with a great 7 AF point cut. That means he easily made the entry to the TOP50, and also became a Legend A player in the progress!
#55 (53) Patrick Blank fell a bit short of the TOP50, but achieved the Legend A rank aswell! 16 new records helped him to force his way through the TOP60 area, with a 6.4 AF cut he passed 5 players and only needs 1.2 more points to get into the TOP50!
#56 (57) Jake Walter raced a new BB flap time and achieved the GOD here. Sadly he lost a bit AF and 2 spots due to the activity from above.
#69 (68) Leif Christian Tode improved 17 of his records and climbed up 13 spots with a nice 11.1 AF cut. He improved his PRs constantly into the TOP70 area, and got 6 new TOP100s in the progress. He barely missed the jump to the Legend B players, but that's only a small step for the next time. Go for it!
#74 (75) Frankie Morgan improved his FS PRs to 49th, Legend B on the 3lap and 38th, GOD on the flap. He lost a rank though, even though he cut 0.8 AF points, but he is in an AF graveyard atm, so Leif passing him made him lose a rank.
#109 (111) Kyle Begley is closing in to the TOP100 with 7 new records, now being the best King A player on the site. It's just a little bit that seperates him from both of those milestones, but with a few more PRs this should be doable! Kyle passed 7 players with a 6 AF point cut and got 4 new Legend times in the progress.
#142 (145) Lewis Richards got 2 PRs on DK 3lap and YV flap. His DK time went into the TOP100, being his newest Legend time! YV saw a smaller cut, but still significant for his AF, as he cut 1.6 points to pass 2 players.
#159 (159) James Farrell-Shaw played some MMF and improved his time into the TOP150! He cut 0.9 points and maintained his rank.
One spot below we have #158 (160) Anastasia Steingold who scored 5 new records on KD dual, FS 3lap and CM and WS flaps. She got 2 new TOP200 times with KD and CM flaps, and all in all she cut 2.8 AF points. She passed 4 players and is 10 more points away from the TOP150!
#175 (179) Anna Moon scored 8 new records this half and got one new TOP200. 4 of her old Elite times are gone and are now King F times! She is close to a rank promotion, only a few points away from King C. In AF she cut 3.3 points and passed 2 players, entering the TOP180.
#286 (289) David Noack improved his WS times and achieved 2 TOP300 times. He cut 4.6 AF points with those 2 PRs alone and passed 3 players.
A few placed lower we have #287 (292) Jed Grabman, who improved 6 records for a 3.6 AF points cut. He got 5 new Elite times mainly on the Flower Cup and passed 5 players with those PRs.
#318 (327) Mark Vizza scored 8 records this half and was able to cut 4.3 AF points to pass 5 players. He scored 2 new Elite times on KD and CM flap and got a few nice improvements on Mush CUp.
#412 (415) Alex Hantson reports a PR for MR 3lap which gives him a new TOP500 time. He cut 1.4 AF points and passed 2 players. Alex wasn't active for a long time in MK64, but he could keep Switzerlands activity up with Anastasia with a few more PRs. Keep it up Mister Hantson!
#462 (458) Ben Stoneman had a massive PR overhaul in the last half and improved his whole timeset! The times range from 350ish times to 500ish ranked times but all in all he got a strong cut. 180 AF points have been cut and made him pass 211 players! If he gets similar cuts in future he will easily compete in TOP300 range!
#541 (573) Leyla Hasso got a double PR on KTB and KD, improving some of her non TOP700 times into the TOP500/600 range. The KD flap is a Master A time and is ranked 435th! Leyla passed 27 players and improved her rank to Expert B!

SC Movement

#5 (5) Beck Abney improved his MR flap by almost a tenth and scored a 12th ranked time. He cut 0.2 AF points and closed the gap to Karlo.
#52 (57) Anna Moon got 9 new records across all cups. She set some standards to her No Rank times and improved her ARR to King C. She passed 4 players with a 6.3 AF points cut.
#56 (60) Patrick Blank played TT flap and RRy 3lap. He tightened the lap by 0"04 seconds and scored a TOP20 time here. The RRy 3lap saw a one second cut and is almost a new TOP50 time! Paddy passed Steven, but is still at the same rank because of Anna.
#116 (111) Paul Fisher sent us a MR flap for the rankings, a 123rd ranked King D time. He passed 8 players with that alone, as it cuts him 6 AF points.
#149 (157) Jacob Deitchley send us 19 times for his SC timeset, most of them cutting small amounts of AF. All in all he cut 75 AF points to pass 245 persons on the chart!
#219 (215) James Farrell-Shaw improved his FS 3lap by a tenth and maintains his rank.

That's it for this time. Hope to see you next time :)


Monday, September 21, 2015
- POY 2014 -
by Zoran at 2:29 pm

You are not dreaming, POW awards are happening!!!

1st on the schedule is December 2014:

Week 1
This can only go to our newest GOD Beck Abney. With 14 new PRs Beck made a 11% AF cut and drove his last GOD time on MR lap. He also got 2 of 3 hardest SC GOD times (TT lap and MR 3lap) which was enough to jump from 10th to 8th place on SC standings.

Week 2
Christopher Zartler had a nice week. He drove 8 new PRs and joind the top 100s on both AF and WRL.

Week 3
8 PRs for the win again, this time by Daniel Burbank . Daniel cut 9% of his AF and climbed 3 places on AF ranks into top 10.

Week 4
Another great week for Daniel Burbank who. This time Daniel sent in 5 PRs which were enough to pass Marcelo for #8 just before end of the year.

As the end of the year is approaching, battle for POY gets more intense. In a battle between 2 POY rivals Daniel Burbank wins this round. Daniel improved half of his non-sc PRs and cut 18% AF which landed him between a Brazillian duo at the end of the year. He also drove 6 SC PRs, 2 of which were in the top 10.

I tried to find any possible reason to not give this to Beck Abney ,but it is not doable. Beck becomes the 1st player to win 3 POQ's in 1 year and it is well earned. Another set of 32\32 PRs on Non-sc, climbing 16 places and reaching GOD status. On SCs he "only" got 13 PRs, but also reached GOD status and added a new WR to his name. In the end with 45/54 PRs and 37.5% UNI AF cut, Beck became only the 5th UNI GOD on the site.

2015 next,January :

Week 1
Great start of the year for Christopher Zartler . Christopher drove 7 new PRs including his 1st GOD on RRy lap which gave his a 10%AF cut.

Week 2
After an intire week of rest, Beck Abney is back in action. With 17 new non-sc PRs he landed on 17th place in the rankings passing 4 people. Beck also drove 4 SC PRs and improved his CM SC 3lap WR by 10 PAL seconds.

Week 3
Again Beck Abney , this time 11% AF cut with 15 new PRs climbing to #15 in the world.

Week 4
Josh McCambridge was the best plazer this week. Josh drove 22 new PRs and cut 13%AF and reached his 1st Legend time on FS lap. He passed 55 people and is now close to top 200.

Year barely started and Beck Abney already made some amazing improvements. With 27 new PRs, Beck cut his AF for the same percentage passing 6 people. He also drove 6 new SC PRs, one of which is an amazing 2/3 Weathertenko WR on CM 3lap.

It has been a long wait for all hoping to get this POY and i apologize for that. 2014 was another great year for kart, especially for some new generation karters. Let's see those great accomplishments from the best of the best in 2014.

POY 2014

We start with Daniel Burbank who had a 2nd amazing year in a row. He started the year at #29 as Legend+ and ended it in top 10 as #8. Daniel broke all 32 non-sc PRs and cut his AF by over 70 % reaching overall GOD status. All his times ended in top 15 except SL (#16). Except this great AF cut, Daniel went where a few people dare to go - in a ring with the champ and he gave him a few good punches on FS ending the year with FS lap WR. Daniel also tried his luck on SC charts landing 14 new SCs and 2 old. He cut over 50% of his SC AF and ended the year at #87. With his great driving skills he pushed TT and RRd 3laps into top 10. Can we expect a SC WR from Dan in the future?

Next in the rankings is Beck Abney with an epic cut. Beck was just inside top 200 at the start of the year with mostly king and elite times. By the end of 2014 he reached GOD with MF 3lap being his highest ranked non-sc time at #5. To get all that Beck cut astonishing 88.8% AF and ends the year as #21. As amazing as all of this sounds, it is only half of the story. Beck was even more successful at SCs where he jumped from #113 all the way to #7 cutting 91.8% of his AF. Not only that Beck landed all the difficult SCs (like mylestyle on 3lap and 3/3 spiral which some top players just can't get :P), he was the 1st person to land the infamous Weathertenko CM SC named after 2 great karters and explorers of the game who made it possible (Andrew Weatherton and Greg Ihnatenko). In the end Beck became a true master of CM SC where he held both WRs at the end of the year.

Coming from the country with great MK history is Michael Arends who also cut 70% of his AF. Michael started the year at #99 as Legend F and jumped all the way to #29 just a few ARR points away from overall GOD. Despite already having a high rank at SL 3lap in the beginning of the year (#13), Michael surprised us all when he landed a 3rd time in the world here. We can definitely see another great challenger for MR in the future here. SL was not the only course where Micheal displayed his talent, he also got a 7th place in a traditionally good course for Dutch - KD. Michel also displayed some SC skills where he drove 10 PRs and jumped as many places.

Another representative of Netherlands in this POY race is Stefan Kok. With improving all 32 prs Stefan jumped from #107 to #52. Stefan cut 53% of his AF and lowered his ARR all the way to Legend A starting at King A. Stefan didn't have any GOD ranked times at the beginning of the year, but by the end of 2014 he drove 10 of them. Can we expect of Stefan to reach overall GOD in 2015?

While he is not sharing his replacement sticks and making sure this game stays alive, Patrick Loseth plays some MK64 and he is very good at it. Patrick improved 39 PRs in 2014. On Scs with 7 PRs Patrick jumped 20 places and ended the year at #77. Most of his improvement was on non-sc where he cut 63% (perfection missed by 1%) of his AF. Patrick started the year at #266 and he passed 168 people to just get into top 100. He also drove his 1st non-sc God time on RRy lap entering top 50 and showing us his potential.

Another impressive improvement this year comes from Lachlan Young, granting him the place in this elite group. Lachlan started the year as #233 and just missed top 100 at the end landing at #104. Lachlan started as Elite and he flew over King ranks all the way to Legend with a average cut of 241 places per course. No doubt we will see some GOD times from Lachlan in the future.

Last person on this list with at least 50% AF cut is Jake Walter. While he improved "only" 13 PRs on non-sc allowing him to keep his place and AF due to some crazy activity, Jake's main focus was on SCs. He improved 20 out of 22 prs there and cut 51% AF. In his battle with 2014 US VS champion Mark Jones who followed him closely in both number of PRs and cut in AF percentage, Jake landed a couple of top 10 times. Most impressive time was #2 on YV SC lap. In the end he beat Jones in SC battle and also reached his 1st non-sc GOD on RRy lap.

As you can read, this was another great year for kart with a lot of activity at across the rankings. As many expected, in the end it came down to battle between Daniel Burbank and Beck Abney and despite another amazing year Dan didn't make it. His improvement was amazing and it would be enough in most cases, but he was fighting against an even bigger giant this time. POY goes to Back Abney who cut 90% UNI AF and reaching UNI GOD, landing a new SC and ending the year with 2 WRs. There is no doubt in my mind that we have witnessed the greatest improvement in MK64 history inside 1 year. It seems like only sky is the limit for Beck.

This is it for 2014. Keep up the good work and I'll try to do mine on time from now on.

- September 1st half - 12 -
by Chraizy at 11:40 am

Hello guys! It's time for the next news, so let's not waste much time and get at it!

New Players

Mark Harrison sent us 32 times and is the highest active joiner this half. He debuted at #479.
Zander Anderson sent us 16 times across all cups (with a full Mushroom Cup tho). He would be ranked like 550th with a full set, but for now he debuted at #766. SC. #163.

World Records


1 WR here. Daniel Burbank was able to hit a WR outside of MR and FS, which is Yoshi Valley! He was able to beat Matthias WR by 0"1, to improve it to a 1'42"80. However, Matthias was sneaky and tried it aswell, just to destroy dreams (and reaching that sheer unreachable 1.000 AF). The new WR here is now a 1'42"68 (NTSC: 1'25"40)!

Non-SC Movement

MK64 Non-SC Time Trial Champ Matthias Rustemeyer was able to cut 0"01 off of his MR flap, but is still 0"01 behind Dan. On the YV 3lap however he was able to secure his spot from Dans attack until the update. #5 (5) Daniel Burbank hit 2 new records on YV, the 3lap cut 2 ranks but he didn't cut any AF. Daniel was able to get the sub 1'43 and WR for a short time, and the flap looks really strong only 0"02 behind Matthias.
The next player, the next Dan. #9 (8) Daniel Lunczer had an amazing streak on KTB dual and MR 3lap. The KTB flap cut 7 spots and is a new TOP5 time for him. Dan cut 0.3 AF points and is at 9 AF points. Jamie looks not so unreachable anymore, only 0.4 points seperate them.
#13 (13) Beck Abney hit 4 PRs on 4 different tracks. The cuts weren't too big, but he achieved a new TOP5 time among his new ones on DK flap. RRd flap saw a decent cut of 0"12 seconds in NTSC and is also a sub 1'38 there. He cut 0.3 AF points and is coming closer to Greg.
#27 (23) Marcos Vinicius Alves sent us 2 times for RRy. The 3lap saw a huge cut of 22 ranks and almost a full second! The flap is down to #23 and in total he cut almost one AF point to pass 4 players, Michael Arends and Cooper (aka the old WGE) being two of them.
#41 (42) Andreas Rudmarker is going his way with 9 new records! A few really strong ones have been achieved, like a 28th ranked LR flap, or a 19th ranked RRy flap. He got 3 new GOD times on KD flap, YV 3lap and RRd 3lap. He passed Maurice and Joe Bernier for the 42nd spot. His ARR is reeeeally close to the Legend + status!
#54 (55) Jake Walter had a go at Sherbet Land and improved both times into the GOD area. The 3lap had a pretty solid improvement into the TOP50 and overall he cut 0.6 points. Some famous names are right above, two of them are Nicola, the Italian Champ and Willi, the former german champ of Non-SC.
#59 (58) Patrick Blank is still on a powerful ride to the TOP50. 12 players has been passed, and 7 new GOD times have been achieved! Many of his non-TOP80 times have reached the TOP50, and a few of his lower Legends are now in Legend B and A area. He cut a total of 10.6 points, and his ARR improved to Legend B! Now do you still think that those high Legend ranks are unreachable? :)
#73 (74) Frankie Morgan got 6 new records on MMF, TT and FS dual. The biggest cut saw his FS 3lap, which went from 175th to 60th! Frankie is showing us his real potential by improving some of his weaker times to the actual level he is at the moment. Frankie passed 10 players and cut 9.6 AF points. He is close to the Legend B ranks. He may have missed that, but he is the newest TOP75 member!
#81 (81) Leif Christian Tode improved 10 PRs across all cups. 5 new TOP100s have been achieved, and a new GOD time on YV aswell! It was a GOD tie, so he is now the worst GOD on this chart, with a rank of 70th! This is now the 3rd easiest GOD time, only MMF and RRy flaps being "easier" (means more GODs have been achieved here, 73 and 79 respectively). Leif passed 7 players with a 9.4 AF point cut and also reached the Legend C status!
#92 (92) Brent Wingert got a new TT dual time and achieved a new TOP100 on the flap. The cuts weren't too big, but he still got a nice 0.3 AF cut to come closer to Kevin Borne in the AF charts.
#98 (98) Naveen Selvam improved his BB time and shove nearly half a second off of his 3lap. He cut 0.2 AF points to come closer to the next rank.
#117 (118) Kyle Begley got 7 new records on Flower and Special Cups and achieved a new Legend time on BB flap. Kyle passed 5 players with a 5.2 AF cut and almost reached the Legend F rank! Not much left! Kyle also achieved 2 new TOP100s on YV and RRd flaps.
#161 (164) Anastasia Steingold raced some flaps this half and achieved new times on LR, YV and RRd. LR and YV cut a standard point both, and LR went into the TOP200 area. She cut 1.3 AF points and passed 2 players in the charts.
#291 (292) David Noack got dual PRs on BC and RRd and eliminated 3 Master times. His BC 3lap and RRd dual are new TOP300 times and cut together over 300 ranks! David passed 13 players with a nice 9.5 AF cut and also reached Elite C in the progress!
#287 (297) Jed Grabman got 9 new records which cut a total of 5.5 AF points. Jed reached 3 new Elite times aswell, and also reached the TOP300 in the progress by passing 6 players! Well done!
#324 (332) Mark Vizza got 9 PRs aswell but mainly on 3laps. He cut 3.8 AF points and passed 2 players in the progress. His strongest cuts came on BC and DK, both are mid TOP300.
#350 (355) Tyler Chambers improved 12 records mainly on Flower and Special CUps and a few of his remaining Semi-Pro times. Tyler passed 18 players with a big 20.6 AF points cut. He barely missed the TOP350, but this should easily be doable with those PRs!
#562 (600) Leyla Hasso, SMK Women Champion seems to try her hands more seriously on this game. She revamped her timeset with 30 new PRs, only KTB dual missing. She had a lot of old PRs, but got all of them into TOP600 range. some of them already are TOP500, but the rest could definitely get there aswell! She did a huge 255 AF points cut and passed 325 people to jump directly into the TOP600! Will we see more here and maybe another Womens title in the future?
#930 (672) Paul Fisher improved his MR flap some more and it went from 174th to 82nd, which is a Legend D time! He cut 1.7 points with it and jumped one place up on the charts.
#675 (738) Jesse Mcgurty improved 17 PRs and got a solid 26 AF points cut to pass 30 players. His rank improved from Intermediate C to Intermediate A, not too far away from Advanced!
#1011 (1011) Alysia Tolhuis finished a run on Wario Stadium and got 2 new times for us here! Not too long and she will get a full timeset :)

SC Movement

Highest active player was once again #2 (2) Greg Ihnatenko, who was able to pull off the Weathertenko another time! With a new time of 5"46 he landed one spot higher, now ranked 4th here.
#11 (11) Jake Walter sent us a Mario Raceway flap that cut 0"01 seconds. No ranks were gained though.
#57 (60) Patrick Blank sent us dual times for TT and RRy. His TT 3lap was a new GOD time and is ranked 34th!
#59 (61) Anna Moon improved 10 PRs, among them a new LR flap. You ask what's so special about it? Well, it was her first Mylestyle hit! It's also the first hit gotten by a woman, well done! Of course this is also a new GOD time, her 5th to be exact. Anna passed 16 players in the AF charts and barely missed the TOP60.
#125 (129) Jed Grabman improveed LR and FS flaps and RRd 3lap. He passed 4 players in the progress and got a new Elite time on LR.
#157 (178) Tyler Chambers sent us 4 new times for KD and MR dual. He cut 7.3 AF points with them and passed 14 players.
#439 (370) Trent Morgan improved his WS flap and passed 4 players in the progress.

That's it! Join me again next time~


Saturday, September 05, 2015
- August 2nd half - Frankie on fire! -
by Chraizy at 9:59 am

Hello guys! It's time for a new update! A bit late this time, I had several things blocking me from writing it... but it was so worth it :). Let's see what happened:

New Players

Steven Rossall joined us with 3 flaps on MMF, KTB and KD. He debuted at #982.
Eric Liikala sent us a MR SC flap and joined the SC ranks at #455.

World Records




Beck Abney improved the RRd SC WR in NTSC. He already holds the 3lap WR overall with PAL, but now he bested the old WR by a good margin. The time is a 3'17"55 (PAL: 3'57"53)!

Non-SC Movement

The highest active member this time was #27 (27) Marcos Vinicius Alves, who was able to beat his YV times. He improved both of them from outside the TOP40 to almost TOP20 times! It gave him a nice AF boost of 1.2 points and he passed Steven Zwartjes for the 27th rank!
#68 (67) David Moll sent us a new LR 3lap time which cut 20 ranks. He was able to escape from #71 (70) Patrick Blanks PR craziness. 20 new records were driven, and holy shit, those were some good times. 5 new GOD times, a lot new TOP60 times and his ARR improved to Legend C already! What a strong going. And as if that wasn't enough, with his huge 17 points cut he passed 13 players to comfortably reach the TOP75! Will we see even more of those powerful updates from him?
#82 (84) Frankie Morgan sent us 7 new records for the end of August with a lot of incredible improvements. The strongest was probably his DK lap, which went from 110th to 38th! It's also a new GOD time, along with his KD lap which is a new TOP40 aswell! He also destroyed 3 King times with his RRd dual and KD 3lap PRs. All in all he cut 12 points with 7 PRs, and passed 12 players aswell!
#89 (88) Leif Christian Tode sent us 19 new records and had a quite similar cut as Patrick a few ranks higher. Leif had a few milestones to reach though: he has now reached the TOP100 by passing 17 players, he improved his ARR to Legend D and also reached 2 new GOD times on SL and MR 3laps! He got many new TOP100 times, and has improved many Kings to Legends.
#98 (98) Naveen Selvam improved 5 PRs on LR and TT dual, and CM flap. His CM flap went from 150th to 77th, which is a massive cut! He passed 3 players in total and reached the Legend D rank aswell! A new TOP100 contender... you remember when the 100th Legend has been born? Well, now you need a Legend D rank to be a TOP100 member! Insane, isn't it?
#123 (123) Kyle Begley improved 6 records, mainly on 3laps. His MMF flap saw a massive cut and almost halfed it's rank! It's a Legend B and new TOP100 for him. In AF, Kyle passed 8 players with a great 6.3 AF cut. His ARR improved to King A aswell!
#145 (147) Lewis Richards improved 6 PRs aswell and got a few bigger improvements on BB. He passed 6 players with a 4.5 cut and was able to reach the TOP150 this time! His ARR is now at King B, pretty solid I think!
#163 (166) Anastasia Steingold was able to hit 4 new records on MR dual and SL and BC 3laps. The MR flap saw a solid cut and the other 3 PRs cut a good amount of AF aswell. All in all she passed 4 players with a 2.7 AF points cut.
#178 (182) Anna Moon reached a total of 6 PRs at the end of August and made a 3.2 AF points cut to catch up with Stacy. It was only one rank that she cut, but at least she is almost out of the AF graveyard she would have faced after the next spot. However, Anna reached a new King D time on DK 3lap and also a new King B time on YV flap, which is at a solid 171st.
#306 (305) David Noack was able to hit 12 PRs, 7 of which are new Elite times. Even a new King has been achieved on RRy flap! David passed 40 players with a great 41 AF points cut. His ARR improved to Elite D in the progress.
#328 (334) Mark Vizza set 14 new records across all cups. He got a few new Elite times and was able to pass 17 players with a nice 12.9 AF points cut. He also reached the Elite D status in the progress!
#576 (591) Daniel Plaumann sent us a new MMF 3lap which just made it into the TOP600. He passed one player in the progress.
#607 (615) Justin Montani hit a new MR 3lap and pushed it into the Elite C and TOP300 area! He didn't pass anyone, but the next ranks are very close together.
#744 (821) Joseph Mace hit 31 PRs, only WS flap missing. He cut almost 78 AF points to pass 112 players! He easily made it into the TOP900 and the TOP800 isn't too far away.
SMKs Women World Champ #878 (925) Leyla Hasso met Matthias at the CDM in France and got excited for some MK64. She was able to beat her MMF and KTB times and shows that she got a lot more potential than her timeset is currently showing. A total of 30 points have been cut, and she passed 53 players in the progress.
One spot behind, #992 (926) Eric Liikala also sent in a MR 3lap to his MR flap. It's ranked similar to the flap, TOP300 and is a Elite C time. His flap has been improved again and is a King C time! Now time to finish the timeset, huh? ;)

SC Movement

#2 (2) Greg Ihnatenko made his way back to SCs and was able to hit the SC, that was named after him, the first time! Greg also improved WS 3lap again and got a new RRy flap. He cut 0.15 points and is coming closer and closer to VAJ...
#5 (5) Beck Abney, the SC GP 150cc champ decided to give WS flap a try and beat his time by 0"08 seconds. He cut 0.3 AF points and closed the gap to Karlo.
#13 (13) Matthias Rustemeyer had to do his monthly PR and decided to go back to FS 3lap in SC again. A woping 0"03 cut helped him to not lose the streak!
#72 (77) Anna Moon was quite busy with SCs this time, with 7 new records and the first hit of KD SC she passed 10 players with a really nice 13 AF points cut!
#85 (95) Lewis Richards also appeared in SCs again and was able to beat his FS and RRy flaps. Both of them only cut a small amount of ranks, and it wasn't enough to pass anyone, but the next rank is only 0.4 away, so a few more PRs should do the trick!
#216 (213) James Farrell-Shaw improved his FS 3lap, but didn't cut any AF.He passed a player though by simple AF fluctuation.

And that's it! Hope to see you next time around :)


Monday, August 17, 2015
- August 1st half - SMK Championships starting tomorrow! -
by Chraizy at 12:27 pm

Hello guys, welcome to a new news update. Everything is a bit fast paced today, as I lack time, and tomorrow will be a long day, so here we go already!

New Players

Justin Montani joined us with a complete timeset and debuted at #615.
Eric Liikla joined the site with a single MR flap at #965.

World Records


Vincent Tolhuis set a new NTSC WR on MMF this half. It was actually really strong and very close to the overall WR aswell! With a time of 1'11"95 (PAL: 1'26"51)!

Non-SC Movement

The highest active mover was #5 (5) Daniel Burbank. He got 3 new records on KTB 3lap and DK dual. His KTB only cut 0"04 seconds, but made him pass 4 persons! His DK PRs cut 4 places aswell so he did a 0.25 total cut. It's incredible how close Dan is to #4, and the amount that he needs for it... make it double and he already reached VAJ! Come on Dan, you can cut those last points!
#13 (13) Beck Abney played a bit TT apart from 150cc SC runs and managed to cut a tiny bit off of his DK lap. He passed 2 players and got a tiny AF cut.
#29 (28) Marcos Vinicius Alves improved 5 PRs on KTB and BB dual and SL 3lap. While SL was a tiny cut, KTB saw a big cut and BB an immense one. The BB times came from out of the TOP50 and are now ranked 22nd and 16th! Marcos passed 2 more players and managed to secure his TOP30 spot with a 3 AF points cut.
#44 (44) Andreas Rudmarker played a bit MK64 this month and was able to hit 3 PRs. He got a pretty hard sub 1'59 on LR 3lap and achieved a TOP40 time here. He also improved his KTB 3lap into the TOP40. CM saw a smaller cut, but still decent. All in all he cut 1.2 AF points to pass 2 players.
#84 (83) Patrick Blank made another immense cut with 19 new records, cutting 15% of his AF with a 17 AF points cut. He passed 19 players and easily made the TOP100 entry! He also achieved the Legend D rank in the progress. Notable is also a new GOD time on LR flap!
#94 (96) Frankie Morgan is back! With 2 pretty strong PRs on BC flap and FS 3lap he cut 2.7 AF points and passed 2 players. The BC flap was a new GOD time.
#104 (105) Leif Christian Tode sent us 25 new records on all cups and passed 31 people with it. He got a 36 AF points cut and made it also into the Legend F ranks! He was able to hit the RRy GOD time on the flap and eliminate most of his King times!
#131 (131) Kyle Begley set 3 new records on LR, KTB and YV 3laps. All of them cut a good amount of ranks, and all in all he made a 2.4 AF points cut to close the gap to Bryan Bosshardt.
#145 (146) Michael Vogt, another active german found his way to the N64 console and improved KD, MR and BC dual. 6 PRs and one new Legend time gained him 5 ranks, to land secure in the TOP150. He also made his way to the King B rank!
#183 (183) Anna Moon got 12 new records, and a pretty big AF cut of 7.1 points! She passed 11 players and is not too far from the next spot.
#345 (345) David Noack set 19 new records, many of them are new Elite times. He passed 62 players with a big 64 AF points cut and also reached the Elite ranks!
#338 (351) Mark Vizza also sent a lot of PRs in, 21 to be exact. He passed 14 players with a smaller but still big 16 AF points cut. He also reached the Elite F ranks, but barely missed the TOP350.

SC Movement


Well that's it! See you next time :)


Sunday, August 02, 2015
- July second half - A great Kart event has ended! -
by Chraizy at 11:45 am

Hello guys, it's Chris here with a new update. A great Kart event has ended in Germany exactly a week ago, and with all the MK64 TOP players and some very well known names we had a wonderful time (you know who you are!)! Let's hope for an even bigger event next time. For the upcoming weeks we have a few more EVents in MK64 and SMK, so if you are interested into more streams with some awesome MK action you can pop in there! However, let's see what happened during the last 2 weeks!

New Players

Michael McFadden sent us a full timeset and debuted at #529.

World Records


Matthias Rustemeyer got the WR at the very last day of July, so his PR streak of every months keeps going! He improved his own FS WR by 0"04 seconds and stands at 2'00"34 (NTSC: 1'40"08), which is incredibly close to the NTSC sub! Keep pushing!

But Daniel Burbank was busy aswell, and also on FS. His own flap is distancing from every else player more and more and more. Another 0"03 cut gives him a lead of 0"14 seconds to #2!! The new WR is 38"34 (NTSC: 31"89)!

And another WR came from William Lacey who showed us the WR on his laptop at the meet, with a completely new shroomstrat on DKJP he was able to cut a whole tenth off his flap and beat Jamie and Matthias here by 0"03 seconds. The new time is a 42"39 (NTSC: 35"25)!!

Non-SC Movement

MK64 Non-SC Time Trial Champion Matthias Rustemeyer continued his monthly PR streak by improving his own FS 3lap. He lost AF points though due to Williams new WR and is 4 points away from the perfect AF now.
#5 (5) Daniel Burbank had a busy time and set 4 new records on FS flap (new WR), WS dual and YV 3lap. The YV 3lap was actually the only time that cut any AF points. He stands at 5.5 points now, only 0.8 behind the #4 Zoran!
#6 (6) William Lacey had a nice suprise for everyone at the meet and presented us a complete new shroomstrat on DKJP. The flap now uses a shroom at the corner before the bridge, to cut even more grass in the complete lap. He cut 0.06 AF points and maintained his rank.
#31 (30) Marcos Vinicius Alves sent us a MMF 3lap, FS flap and SL dual PR. All of them cut quite a few ranks, which let him pass 4 players. The next player is 2.7 AF points away though, so a similar cut is needed to overcome this gap.
#55 (55) Jake Walter improved his DKJP 3lap and almost reached the GOD barrier here. He is really close to the Legend A promotion aswell, and he cut 0.16 AF points to close the gap to Italian Champ Nicola Torre.
#69 (67) David Moll improved his BB times and got 2 really nice times ranked 70th and 60th. Both times jumped two standards to Legend B and A, and his AF improved by 1.1 points. It was enough to pass 2 persons and secure his TOP70 position for a while.
#95 (97) Frankie Morgan improved SL and BC dual to reach the famous MK64 TOP100! His ARR also jumped to Legend D, which means you almost need the Legend D status now to reach a TOP100 rank :O! However, Frankie was able to cut 7 whole points off his score and passed 4 players! The next few players aren't too far away aswell, so let's see what he is able to do with the next update!
#102 (102) Patrick Blank had an incredible PR streak at the meet and improved 19 PRs in the last half! A lot of them saw improvements of more than 30 ranks, but that's not all, he also reached his first Non-SC GOD time! Patrick also reached the Legend F status and barely missed the TOP100 by passing 12 players for the 102nd rank. Well done!
#103 (103) Naveen Selvam improved his RRy dual and YV 3lap. All of them got good cuts and helped him to cut 0.9 AF points. He passed Lachlan, but got passed by Paddy, so he maintains his rank for now. He is also really close to the TOP100, so a few more AF points will do the trick!
#131 (131) Kyle Begley improved 7 records in the last half. Most of them where small improvements, but KD dual and DK 3lap saw big improvements of over 45 ranks cut on each. He cut 5.4 AF points in total and passed 4 players.
#136 (136) Leif Christian Tode improved 4 records on MR and SL flaps and MR dual. All of them had similar cuts (except SL which was a smaller cut) and helped him to cut 3 AF points. He passed 4 players in the progress and is closing in to the King A standard. Leif got a pretty decent MR flap ranked 66th, close to the PAL sub 28!
#192 (194) Anna Moon improved 4 PRs on RRy dual and BB dual. All of them were quite good cuts, on RRy flap she achieved the Legend D standard. Anna passed 3 players with a 2.8 AF points cut and a similar cut would help her to pass 7 more players!
#356 (365) Mark Vizza improved 20 PRs across all cups. He passed 14 players with a 17 AF points cut and is currently the lowest ranked Master A player. Only a few more standards to go for Elite!
#402 (407) David Noack improved almost his entire timeset with 27 PRs over all cups. He passed 139 players and easily crashed the TOP500, he barely missed the TOP400 with his insane 139 AF points cut! He also went from Expert B and jumped 2 whole standards to Pro B!
#470 (474) Eric Smits improved almost the same amount of PRs, 26 to be exact, and passed 89 players with a big 72 AF points cut. He also jumped a whole standard from Expert C to Semi-Pro C!
#577 (592) Daniel Plaumann improved his YV 3lap and got a new TOP650 time here. He passed one player on the AF charts.
#843 (929) Dev Cheti improved a probably wrong time on RRy flap from over 7 minutes to a sub 1 Minute time.
#846 (932) Joseph Mace improved WS and DK dual and got 2 new TOP800s on WS. He passed 7 players with a decent 4.6 AF points cut.

SC Movement

Only 2 active players, the first was #32 (33) Marcos Vinicius Alves who was able to beat his TT times. The 3lap was his 7th SC GOD, and his 39th in total. He cut 2 whole points and is closing in to Sami and close to leave the AF graveyard.
#88 (81) Daniel Burbank scored 3 new records on TT 3lap and RRd dual. He improved his old RRd 3/3 spiral with a smoother run and better hits at the meeting, and also improved his flap by 0"16 seconds. He cut 0.22 AF points in total and maintained his rank.

That's it guys! Hope to see you at the next meet, and of course at the next news ;)!


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